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    Friday, December 29, 2017

    UFOlogy: NASA hides information about aliens on Earth's orbit

    There are several alien satellites in Earth's orbit, but space agencies deliberately hide it from people, a number of mass media reports with reference to ufologists. In the relevant reports, we are talking, first of all, about the spacecraft of the aliens, allegedly discovered in the middle of the last century.

    According to the media, referring to ufologists, in the images of outer space made in 1954, you can see at least two objects of artificial origin on earth's orbit, one of which was nicknamed "The Black Knight". At the same time conspiracy experts say that the US agency NASA soon tried to remove photos from public access, but they already managed to pay attention.

    Moreover, the reports say that the alien satellite allegedly exchanged signals with the star Epsilon in the constellation Bootes, located at a distance of 13 thousand light years from Earth, and subsequently signals began to come more often.

    It is worth noting that many people who are directly related to astrophysics, such as the former head of NASA, Charles Bolden, as well as astronauts Tom Jones and Leroy Chiao, fully admit that the Earthlings are not the only living beings in the universe, but they are urged not to believe frankly conspiracy theories and news about UFOs. According to some astrophysicists, space agencies often deliberately do not comment on reports on such topics, thereby not attracting even more attention to the already "inflated" sensations.

    Recall, recently a YouTube user named MrMBB333 reported that the space agencies not only know about the aliens, but also directly cooperate with them. According to the conspirator himself, he managed to find an alien among scientists working on a joint project of NASA and the German Center for Aviation and Cosmonautics - the stratospheric observatory of infrared astronomy SOFIA, operating aboard the Boeing 747. Proof, the self-proclaimed specialist considers a hand with a huge thumb in the frame on one of the NASA videotapes. However, many people who have watched the video note that in reality on the recording the finger is, in all probability, simply "merged" with one of the levers, which is why it is perceived as unusual.
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