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    Friday, December 1, 2017

    Interesting facts about Santa Claus

    Many people are familiar with Santa Claus, but not everyone knows that there is also Santa Claus! Let's get to know him and learn interesting facts about Santa Claus!

    ~ In Russia, such holidays as St. Nicholas Day, New Year and Christmas are accepted. The first two must be given gifts to relatives and relatives. Santa Claus is a kind of prototype of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. Therefore, gifts from abroad are received twice for December - on the 6th and 25th. Previously, Santa Claus had a destination for poor families - they were the first to receive surprises, sweets and other cute little things. After all, such people could not afford to really congratulate their children and give them what they want.

    ~ Artist Thomas Nast painted a picture with Santa in the Civil War. There he is positioned as "Grandpa for the front." Under this image, Santa Claus radiates not "old age with a pussy," but a real soldier - slender, smart, broad-shouldered.

    ~ "The holiday is approaching, the holiday is approaching ..." - what do you recall these words? Of course, the famous advertisement from Coca-Cola, when Santa shows on the TV screens, he wants to open a bottle of an invigorating drink and is late for that train. Since then, and this already since 1931, Santa Claus has acquired a new, universal scale of significance and pretty much gained weight :).

    ~ All children write letters on the eve of the New Year to the great Santa. Not all of them, however, reach him at the post office. Perhaps it's all in his index, which must necessarily be inscribed on the envelope. Few people know it, however we have uncovered the secret. Record: HOH OHO. Well, in a simple way - ho-ho-ho.

    ~ Inhabitants of Africa also celebrate the New Year. The only place where there is snow is Kilimanjaro. There is also a house where their "African Santa" lives.

    ~ Santa Claus moves only on reindeer, well, on a sleigh in some cities :). Must be present in the number of 9 pieces. They say, if less, he simply will not go to the children. Apparently, this is due to the fact that he "bought extra" after the role in Coca-Cola :).
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