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    Friday, November 17, 2017

    'Tumhari Sulu': Vidya Balan rise above the script

    Vidya Balan is one of the few actors of this generation who can rise above the script and transfer their power over the film. Vidy's side-whiskers are represented in her latest release of Tumkhari Sulu. She plays a housewife (Sulu) gong-ho about career development, but since childhood she has been the subject of ridicule for her father and twin sisters, because she has passed exams three times in class 12.

    Even after she is married, although her husband and child are somewhat attentive - Sulu is undermined, despite a number of "achievements", such as: the second place in a lemon spoon and the "best mother" in a residential community.

    For those who try to distinguish things, the Vidya character still seems to be looking for this one true vocation.

    Life Sulu takes a random turn when she goes to the radio station to collect a pressure cooker, which she won in the contest. There she meets Maria (Nehu Dupia), who leads the station and conducts auditions. Inspired by her sensual voice, her unmistakable intonation and her immortal impulse, Neha decides to give a respite and salutes the RJ night show of Sulu.

    Sulu becomes instant fury with listeners, as their family life begins to fall apart. When her husband Ashok (Manav Kaul) was cut by a new boss in his job, and their son was removed from school, her father and sisters accused her of everything and even persuaded her to do "cheap" work on working with RJ.

    The way she challenges all resistance is the climax.

    The film has several sequences that really split and warmed to the heart: the scene in the gym, where Sulu is asked to present the first lines of her show on the phone, her amusing interactions with listeners, the joking call to the company's salesperson, etc. Everyone laughs.

    Vidya also excels in her various roles in the film, playing Serene Mother, Dutiful Woman and Lively RJ with serenity. Partially she manages to fascinate, move and entertain, with her heartbreaking, without melodramatic, ridiculous, without being rude.

    Manav, like Sulus's husband, provides first-class work. Neha Dupia walks by. Tupti Hamkar shines in the short role of a taxi driver. Abhishek Sharma, like the child of Sulus, does a good job. Music is passable, although a few songs are superfluous.

    The film needs time to start to soar, and the pace is a bit inconsistent. Even the culmination is stretched and a bit superfluous. This almost defeats the purpose of the film. Suresh Triveni, the director, makes a simple story and weaves a pretty attractive script, although some parts are simply piecemeal.

    In general, "Tumhari Sulu" drives a knockout Vidya Balan and offers a number of radiant moments. Look at it.
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