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    Monday, November 20, 2017

    6 signs that you are ANGEL on earth

    We go through various tests to better understand ourselves, to find out the characteristics of our character and to find out who we really are. While some of our attributes specify our very nature. Among us there are also those who can be counted among earthly angels. How can you recognize her?

    Angel on the earth

     The so-called earthly angels are certain people who spread light and contribute to positive change. They do not tolerate hate, violence or oppression and just want to live in a world filled with harmony and love.

    As a rule, they do not fit into the modern standards of the high-tech world. It is more about bringing happiness, joy and light into the life of every person they encounter on their journey.

    They are endowed with pure and positive energy and passionate about improving the world and solving problems.

    The angels of the earth often do not know the power they are equipped with and do not know what influence they have on the lives of others. However, there are ways to know if you are the angel.

    Here are 6 simple but obvious signs that you have the properties of ANGEL on Earth.


    The angel's mission on earth is to spread joy, love, and solve the world's problems. This is not an easy task, so it is not surprising that the earth angels feel frustrated by the surrounding reality.

     They will perceive the problems of the world as personal drama and feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of bad news. Sometimes they can even move away from the world trying to protect themselves from the negative.

    As sensitive creatures, they may feel uncomfortable in large groups and at stomachs of a large number of people.

    It takes time for you and your thoughts

     Earth angels enjoy the time when they are alone and can recharge their wasted energy.

    All together summarize what is going on in life. It can also be a process of recovery and healing of wounds caused by someone or something.

    Loneliness also gives them time to think about their character and to improve what they are constantly doing.

    They are sensitive and can help others.

     If you are sorry for other people and can deeply empathize with them, you may be the earthly angel.

    You are saddened by the misfortunes of others, and you perceive them as your own failure.

    The earth angels will do anything to help someone, either as a family member, as a friend, or as someone they face on the street.

    They can not see another's pain, so they desperately want to calm down and help those in trouble.

    They listen to their inner voice

     Modern life is based on logic, but angels are more likely to make choices based on emotions and intuition.

    Your deep connection with the world is through the heart and the emotions. They fully trust their intuition that guides them through life.

    Instead of using logic, they rely on intuition and the belief that the universe will send them only good people and positive events. Usually, they do this through spiritual practices.

    You have a vocation in life

     Earth angels are guided by a deeper purpose in life and do not dream of living a "normal" life like anything else.

    They must achieve something, leave their mark and live by their own rules and not by the standards imposed on them by society.

    Unable to lead an unrealized life, they often start working as humanitarian or social workers or find themselves in another profession where they can help people.


     The angels of the earth try to understand the whole injustice of modern society.

    Why do we work so much? Why do we value material goods so much? Why is there still war and injustice in the world, and why do not people do more to change that?

     These are just a few of the topics that Earth Angels care about living in modern society.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that they feel better when they leave. For example, many live without social networks or choose an alternative way of life in which to fulfill their role without fulfilling someone's standards and established rules.

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