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    Thursday, November 30, 2017

    10 interesting facts about volcanoes

    Volcanoes are geological formations on the surface of the earth's crust or crust of another planet, where magma comes to the surface, forming lava, volcanic gases, stones. There are 10 interesting facts about volcanoes.

    1. The term "Volcano" comes from the Latin "Volcanus". That's the name of the Roman God of Fire. The Romans believed that the smithy of Vulcan is located in the volcano Etna.

    2. The Aztecs believed that the gods live in the lava of the volcano and sacrificed the beautiful girls to the gods.

    3. And in the Middle Ages, on the contrary, they believed that the volcano is the entrance to hell.

    4. Because of the eruption of volcanoes over the past half-century, about 300,000 people died.

    5. The earths on which volcanoes are located are the most fertile, because the eruption saturates the soil with useful substances, such as phosphorus and potassium.

    6. To date, there are about 1500 volcanoes around the world, but erupts annually no more than 20.

    7. To date, the most terrible volcanic eruption of the XX century is the eruption of the volcano Mont Pelay on the island of Martinique in the West Indies in 1902. Then more than 30,000 people died, but two survived: a cobbler who lived on the edge of the island, and a prisoner who was rescued by the thick walls of the prison.

    8. The highest volcano in the world is Ochos del Salado in Chile. Its height is about 7 kilometers, and the deepest volcano is the volcano Aso (the depth of the crater is 23 kilometers), which is located on the island of Kyu-Shiu in Japan.

    9. Etna - the oldest volcano. Its age is about 350,000 years.

    10. On the island of Lanzarote in Spain, there is a restaurant called El Diablo, translated from Spanish as "devil". Food in this restaurant is prepared solely over the mouth of an active volcano.
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