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    Saturday, October 21, 2017

    Movie Review: Golmaal Again

    A gang of five - Gopal, Madhav, Laki, Lakshman and Laxmann again! (Kunal) are orphans who grew up in the children's home of Seth Jamnadas in Ooty. When they return to their home to mourn the death of their mentor, they hear that the predatory builder Vasu Reddy (Prakash Raj) and his companion Nihil (Neil) are designing for the ashram and the adjacent area of ​​Colonel Chowhan Hedakar). The dealer Jugadu (dealer) decides to stop the builders. However, they note that in their absence, friendly spirits live in this area. Anna Matthew (taboo), who can speak with ghosts, acts as the leader of the gang.

    Golmaal again Overview: Golmaal is a franchise that has been alive for the past eleven years. Repetitions on satellite channels will always make you stick, no matter from which point you start the film. As in previous articles, it also has a moment of flawless fun. Tricks alternate between a really fun and average routine, but you feel that you laugh uncontrollably, because each of the actors here is a joy. Whether Lakshman (Shreias) or the tyrant Gopal, stunned by spirits, everyone is so competent, you can not help but smile at their faces. Dialogue is pedestrian, but fun.

    Of course, you have an additional angle of horror. Inspired by the southern film of Kanchan, where the spirit wants to avenge itself, these parts are also considered without complaint, so you laugh in situations that you often saw. However, in the second half, when the actual act is introduced, the procedures become somewhat boring.

    Here you must say that it is the merit of Rohit Shetty that he never lets you get nervous. Grabs, fighting, songs, giggles, ghosts, this is a buffet that you can overdose. Sometimes you call yourself to be dumb, but you can not help laughing. As for speeches, Taboo as an "exorcist" provides some of the plausibility, which otherwise would look ridiculous. The additional members - Vasuli Bhai (Mukesh) and Pappi (Johnny Lever) also have their moments, but Sreias is the scene kidnapper. Parineti (Hushi / Damini) simply must distract what she does. And regular guests, Ajay, Arshad, Tushar and Kunal concluded an agreement.

    If you are looking for a substance, it has no logic, only magic. But if you just want to laugh and be happy, Goldmaal will do the trick again.
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    Item Reviewed: Movie Review: Golmaal Again Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Bhaskar Banerjee
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