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    Tuesday, October 17, 2017

    Diwali rituals that will bring prosperity and luck in life

    Diwali rituals that will bring prosperity and luck in life
    Diwali rituals that will bring prosperity and luck in life

    As festivities gain strength, we bring you 5 simple things that you must keep in your home to increase your luck in your life.

    1. The mountain of the Goddess Sarawati is a peacock. Buy a peacock feather and store it in your place of worship. This preserves the negative energy.
    2. It is advisable to buy silver or gold coins during the Navratri. Even better, if he has a photograph of Lakshmi and Ganesha.
    3. This flower is the favorite of the Goddess Lakshmi. Keeping a fresh lotus every day in your mandir during the pour is giving divine blessings for your family.
    4. For peace and prosperity in life, bring home the idol of the Goddess Lakshmi, where she sits on a lotus flower and deprives of wealth. Avoid the picture where it stands.
    5. If you want the divine blessings of the Goddess of Dura in your life, bring home 16 items of female adoration (that is, sringar, which includes bracelets, perfumes, mehendi, ligaments, etc.) and save them in your puja-gara.

    The Indian pantheon boasts many gods and an equally extensive list of festivals celebrated by these deities. But if there is one day that is the most ambitious and funniest of all, this is Diwali, the festival of lights. There are various theories about the origin of the festival, from the marriage of the goddess Lakshmi and Vishnu to Mahavira, reaching nirvana; add to this the most popular about the victory of Lord Rama over the king-demon Ravana. Like most other Indians, I grew up with traditions that I adhere to today, but with some of my own tricks. Although spread within four days, my preparations for Diwali actually begin at least a week or two in advance. I start the celebrations by hanging the magic lights in the garden and lighting the candles every day after that until Diwali is officially there. I like everything that is connected with this happy holiday.
    The first day or naraka chaturdasi means the conquest of the demons of Narak by Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama. On this day, why not light a black candle to remove the negative from your room? Burn the candle to the end and throw away the remaining melted wax to clean the bad vibrations. In addition, place bowls with flowers and floating candles on every corner in your house. Adding rock salt to water helps to cleanse and negative energy. The placement of rudraks, crystals or any religious object of your choice in the bowl also creates positive vibrations. Having done this, sprinkle this vigorous water in your house. The second day of Diwali means worshiping Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, in her most benevolent moods. Add coins to a bowl or bowl in which you light candles or diyu. It is believed that due to this the fire energy of the flame activates coins and attracts prosperity to life.
    I often write down small wishes and put them under a candle as a confirmation of my intentions. Something simple, like "Dear God, bless my house with health, luck and light." Accepting these statements, I recommend burning the candle to its very end, and then throwing away the melted wax.
    In the Hindu tradition, much attention is paid to the illumination of ahanda diyi, which means keeping the flame throughout the day, on the third day. On religious days, a combination of five lights is often recommended. What is better than Diwali to do it?
    The fourth day of yama's life or bhai doyo celebrates the connection between brothers and sisters. On this day, why do not candles of fragrance shine? Choose the same flavor in your space so that smells do not collide. I recommend candlelight candle candles with fruit essential oils that help create a joyful atmosphere or a candle for meditation with sandalwood, vanilla and myrrh to soothe your senses. Go ahead, let this Diwali illuminate your life.
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