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    Wednesday, July 19, 2017

    World is full of people without spirit

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    I do not know if you have noticed, but the world is full of people without spirit. You must know someone, even in the wider environment, who has no interest, talent, in general, anything that would make this person interesting. You may not even know that such people are willing to spend time with them. In fact, this phenomenon seems to me more widespread among women, probably related to the fact that the value of women is still measured by appearance and not by character. Men can always become even fans, in the absence of IQ for something meaningful. But what would a woman with no ghost be able to do to find a purpose and to have anyone interested in what she has to say? You know what? Have a baby. That is why the most dearest person you know comes to the center of attention of the whole environment and her story about crawling and weeding follows like the most famous trilogy.

    So some women made a real mission. They are now, you know, Mother. They are not ordinary mothers like us, no, no. They are a little more. Fully and exclusively devoted to your child for whom only the best is good enough. Their children will not be in the kangaroo for the living head - only the hams are enough natural. Lobsters will work exclusively at home, from ingredients called Amaranth and Quinoa. Their children will not even admit the bottles all and die of pain as long as they do. Their lives now finally make sense because for hours they can explore the latest and most varied methods of raising children and preaching it to everyone they want to listen to. And only the best among the Mothers will qualify to enter the Rode.

    To understand what kind of association it is best for you to go to their forum. This forum would not be bad if Rode wanted to help mothers and give them information they might not find elsewhere, which is the declarative meaning of the association. No, what Rode really wants is to help mothers become Mother. Like any other sect, they just want to recruit new members. I found this ugly fact when I went naively to their forum for looking for baby feeding recipes.

    Namely, all that the scepter is proud of is somehow the most annoyed about breastfeeding. Even sprouts at the branch know that breastfeeding is best for the baby and every normal mom that a child is able to give. That's what I am. But when I started feeding a baby, I wanted to see if I could make a cup of milk. So I went to the topic of Conversations on Nutrition Adapted Milk, thinking that I will encounter countless mothers' recommendations as is the case with every other topic, and she was the most banal. And when there - shock. A single post (from the portal editorial) that says, summation, that providing or seeking advice or information on a baby's diet adapted to milk is forbidden. Forbidden!!!

    They give them some hypocritical explanations why they are so justified by "not in any way denouncing or despising their parents for their decision or the advent of circumstances that have caused their child not to be breastfed" and that "mothers who do not bring their children They are not bad mothers, as are not all the mothers who bring their children good mothers. " Take care of this disgusting pile of shit unsuccessfully wrapped in political correctness: do not condemn the use of adapted milk but prohibit conversation about it. So how stupid do you think we are? And you see the devil, for nutrition-adapted milk, Roda tells the readers to her doctor because the staff of the forum "is not educated about it, but only about breastfeeding". No, they're just being educated about breastfeeding, all alone doctors to doctors. Additionally, if the only problem you are not educated about is nutritionally adapted milk, and you want to be the reference point for mothers of small children - educate yourself. And women who feed children on a bottle are people and need help. Most of them are lucky enough not to let them sink into their nose in this way. But who cares for the mothers who do not, they will never become a Mother anyway, so we will not waste time on them. Maybe Rode does not go home with adapted milk, but in marketing I see that I understand - it does not waste time on those who are not the target group.

    Mothers with big M are absolute authority on every issue related to children. What a World Health Organization, what kind of pediatricians - Mother knows better. And thanks to the internet on which any fool (or even me) any idea can represent as an absolute truth, they are now able to promote what's wrong, which is damaging ideas across the virtual community. Vaccination of children? It's for crapers, Mother knows better. From the sting of aunt's neighbors, a nephew of a small American has become ill of autism and this is certainly due to the vaccine. There is nothing to do with the rejection of vaccinations that are beginning to restore some of the dangerous diseases that we have already practically eradicated and that one day a baby died of complications from measles. Maybe Mother knows. Duhrana sa 6 mjeseci? These are stupid dogmas, what a drop of iron if the feeding does not come in time, our Mother will only breastfeed ... I do not know, I guess to college.

    Mystery is a mystery to me. For the ignorant, it's parents who do not even put diapers in their babies. Yes, you read well. As if your baby does not have any work on your head anymore, you still need to complicate your life so that your baby does not wear diapers. And then you "listen" when your six months have a need to pee. Please, please. So on the forum for a disguise, some naughty Pampers mother asked for riders - well how do you have time for that? Who cleans you, pears, iron? You know what they answered her? All the time "politically correct" so as to allow another opinion, they said it was - a matter of priority. Imagine that evil. I'm not going to tell you that directly, but everybody with half a brain can conclude that my baby does not wear diapers because I'm a good mother, and you're a bad mother with a little baby and you're not at the top of the list of life priorities. Because it is, neither your child would wear Pampers.

    Well, dear Mother, I need to inform you that we are not bad mothers, but we exist as individuals, unlike you. We have other interests besides children, unlike you. And it's no atomic physics, just some ordinary things outside of the sphere of parenting that help us stay normal. Sometimes we read something for example. But that, a novel, is not fexing statues or forums. It may not be wise to take anything longer than 200 pages (depending on how fast you are reading), but with so many smart things in the world, it's also written in these labels. Do not you have time to read? Ah yeah, you're busy listening when a child of three months gets pissed off. Fuck, it's really time consuming.

    There are other activities that one mum can exercise without being child-related. For example, for example, a game of cards. What better than a combination of intellectual engagement and socializing with dear people, preferably with relaxation with a glass of wine. While children can sleep, you do not have to leave the house, and your husband will surely be pleased to hear "fifty times a day" instead of "why you did not take diaper number 4, it turned out three times two months ago!". If the children are very small, hold them white or crawl, preferably would not go. With grief in my heart I admit that you do not have so much time and you will not have many more years. Not a card? Why does not that surprise me ...

    Go somewhere. In any combination and any location, just go somewhere. You would not believe that the horizons expand when a person sees a life different from his own. Go out without your husband and children. But do not talk to other mothers about diapers, but dance, dance, sing, drink, even if the whole day was evil to you. There is Bzazz a handful of recipes against hangovers. You will survive, and believe me that some exits in your life will be remembered better than when your second-born has passed from the carrot to the zucchini.

    Or do not, stick to your radical attitudes. I do not play political correctness and I will not say that your trip is safe, because I do not think so. There are mothers who know how to work and something other than breast and nursing, unlike you. And that does not make us any worse mothers, on the contrary. It makes us even better people, and mothers are, you know, primarily people. Maybe somebody needs to explain this again.

    To be understood, there are excellent initiatives coming from the ranks of Mike - raising women on rights to childbirth, driving children in car seats, promoting breastfeeding ... There are really many of them and thank them for it. But seeing their militant attitudes like "either you share our thoughts or keep it for yourself," I remembered every good thing they did.

    Good luck with your birth at home, no vaccinations, no immortality, and other fictions of endless freaks. Just keep it up. The only thing I want to do is justify your existence once your children grow up.

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