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    Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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    We could have this text called and how to make a decision, how to get out of a bad relationship, how to leave the job we are unhappy ... in general, how to get out of any long-lasting unsatisfactory situation. Something tells me that a good part of us is at this very moment upset this problem, and in the course of our lives, we were absolutely all found in a story that did not suit us, in which we were long and very dissatisfied, and from the moment we realized that Change should be done, we need a minimum of months, and most of the year we make a change. If we ever did it.
    The root is, of course, in our insecurity, which is embedded in my upbringing. From the elemental distrust of ourselves to our own values, the lack of understanding that we will survive in every situation, and most of all the fear of the unknown, we remain in situations that bring us only stress and misfortune and then we think we get gastritis because of too much coffee and yes The Peptides will solve our problems. How yes No. Diseases are solved by solving the cause, never just symptoms, and all the diseases caused by our mental state. No exceptions.
    The thing is actually very simple. In any situation you are in, and brings you too much dissatisfaction or stress, there are only three things you can do: you can accept, change or leave.
    There are no four options.

    For example, let's say a banal example of being dissatisfied with your job because you are underpaid and you do not see the possibility of advancement and subsequent increase in income. In such a situation, it is never just about whether you can live without thinking too much about spending or living from salary to salary; Depletion (whether real or perceived, from your perspective is the same) is actually reducing the value of your work and humiliating you as a person and is really a problem that goes beyond the revenue, costs and balance domain at the end of the month. It is a problem of respecting you as a worker, and consequently also as a man, the repercussions of such a state are enormous because they slowly but surely destroy every faith in their own worth. And when you do not believe in yourself, anyone can do whatever you want. In every sphere of life, not just at work. Can you harass a partner, mutilate a born child, hey, you may even happen to twenty-five years of different authorities robbing and chewing you systematically, and you sit home and do absolutely nothing but to go to the elections every four years (maybe) And you vote for the same again because you think it can not be better than what it is. That's why we are where we are.
    Let's get back to work. So you are not satisfied with your salary. First, if you ask me, look at whether you can change the situation, which means talking to the boss. It may happen that a boss adheres to your demands and gains the salary that you belong to. Perhaps the boss thought you were satisfied with your income, and perhaps you already recognized your work and effort and planned to give you a raise. This scenario, however, is unlikely to happen because companies are working for profit, the profit is higher when the cost is lower, and the workers are still unfortunately looking at us as a clean cost and the less we pay them the better. What is more apparent is that you will hear from the boss that the department can not currently avoid a larger payroll or some of the classic bulsit answers to such requests that the bosses hold in the drawer number two. Be sure that unless you work in a company employing fewer than 20 people, there is no doubt that there is room for you to be 1000 kuna a month and that is the only reason why they do not give you a raise because they think you will still be equally committed to working for This same salary so you could increase the cost if you do not have to. And if you give up, it will easily replace you with the spare arm of the workforce.
    If you have not been able to change the situation or it is likely that you will be in the short term, see if you can accept it. Job satisfaction is not the only result of receiving, far from it. Maybe you like the job you do, you have a good team, the other working conditions you are doing ... When everything is summed up and taken away, you may still be able to accept this situation. But accept what it really means to accept. You will very well know if you have accepted it. In the next three months, when you go to work, pay attention to how often your friends complained about your salary, how often you felt miserable because you could not afford something (and not a vacation in Maldives but seven days in Crikvenica), in general how much Times you felt bad because you were underpaid. If you really accepted the situation, the answer would be theoretically one. In reality, it may be possible once a month. But I do not have to invent any statistics here, intuition will tell you all. If that stomach cramp continues to bite you, just not so often but less often, you obviously have not accepted the situation and you have only one option left: to leave. In this case, to be canceled.
    The fourth option really does not exist.

    The fourth option means you have agreed to the life you are looking for

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