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    Monday, June 26, 2017

    Hizbul Mujahideen Chief Syed Salahuddin Named Global Terrorist By US

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    A few hours b4 Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets prez Donald Trump @ d White House, d us Department of st8 hz declared Syed Salahuddin, chief of d terrorist grup Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, a Specially Designated Global Terrorist. Syed Salahuddin, 71, hz Bin opr8n out of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

    "It duz vindicate India's longest-standing positN dat croS border terrorism Bhind disturbance creatD n Kashmir since lst yr.. d outfits dat Syed Salahuddin leads, dey hav perpetuated, frm d territory of Pakistan & Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, croS border terrorism agAnst India including n Kashmir 4 a # of years," 4n ministry spokesperson Gopal Baglay sed welcoming d notification.

    It also underlines dat both India & us fAc threat of terrorism & "are working 2geder 2 counter DIS threat, not n prticulr sector bt globally also az terrorism knows n boundaries. Terrorism iz a global menace", Mr Baglay added.

    "In September 2016, Salahuddin vowed 2 blok NE peaceful resolutN 2 d Kashmir conflict, threatened 2 train mo Kashmiri cyde bombers, & vowed 2 turn d Kashmir valE "into a graveyard 4 _:-) forces" sed d us st8 Department n a statement, explaining d actN.

    d us muv iz cn 2 signal dat d Trump Admin. wiL tAk a tufR stance on Pakistan harbouring terror groups.

    nu Delhi sees d specific mentN of turniN Kashmir "into a graveyard 4 _:-) forces" az an unequivocal statement n India's suport & a validation of India's moral authority on d Kashmir issU.

    Monday's ordr wud prohibit us nationals frm engaging n transactions w Salahuddin. Also, aL of Salahuddin's propRt & interests n propRt subjec 2 United States jurisdiction R blocked.

    d us statement sed dat d Hizbul Mujahideen hz claimed responsibility 4 sevrl attacks, including d April 2014 explosives attack n Jammu & Kashmir, whch injured 17 people.The designation of terrorist individuals & groups expose & isolate organizations & individuals, & rEzlt n denial of acces 2 d us financial SYS. It cn also complement d law enforcement actions of othR natN.

    A native of Budgam district n central Kashmir, Salaluddin had shifted 2 Pakistan-occupied Kashmir rownd 1989 frm whr he played a key role n fueling militancy n Kashmir 4 27 years; training & arming youth b4 sending dem bak 2 d Kashmir valE. He also heads d United Jihad Council, d umbrella Bod set ^ n d mid-1990s 2 oversee terror outfits active n Jammu & Kashmir.

    Addressing a public raLE n Lahore lst year, Syed Salaluddin had threatened om Minister Rajnath Singh agAnst travelling 2 Islamabad 4 d Saarc meeting of om ministers. Hafiz Saeed had foLowD ^ on DIS threat, w a statement announcing nation-wide protests agAnst Rajnath Singh's vzit.

    It iz not clr how d us ordr wiL impact d Hizbul chief hu operates out of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir & hz d suport of d Pakistani government & itz agencies. n 2014, d us had similarly placed d Pakistan-based Hafiz Saeed-run Jamaat-ud-Dawa n d lst of banned 4n terrorist organisations.

    Two years earlier, n 2012, d us announced a $10 $MM bounty 4 info lEdN 2 Hafiz Saeed arrest 4 Hs involvement n terrorist attacks, including d 2008 strike on Mumbai dat killed mo thN 160 people, including 6 Americans.

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