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    Monday, June 26, 2017

    Anonymous: Alien life exists and NASA is about to confirm it

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    Anonymous, d global hacking collective, believes dat <0>..<0> Lyf exists—and dat NASA iz bout 2 confirm it.

    d shadowy grup mAd d claim n a 12-and-a-half-minute VDO published on an unofficial YouTube channel on tues..

    d VDO centers rownd recnt findings by d Amrcn spAc organization, including d discovery of 219 nu planet candidates—10 of whch presnt similR conditions 2 Earth—by NASA’s Kepler spAc telescope team n June, az weL az comments mAd by a senior NASA official durN a U.S. government hearing.

    bt whIl Anonymous iz rght 2 point out dat NASA iz problE closer thN eva n hUmN history 2 discovering extraterrestrial life, it mA b a leap 2 sA concrete evidence 4 it exists.

    NASA hz mAd statements recntly dat sugest dat d discovery of aliens iz a m@R of when, rather thN f. “Taking in2 acownt aL of d dfrnt activitEs & missions dat R specifically searching 4 evidence of <0>..<0> life, we R on d verge of makin 1 of d most profound, unprecedented discoveries n history,” sed Thomas Zurbuchen, d asoCE@ administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, b4 d hows Committee on Science, spAc n April.

    bt whIl Zurbuchen & others @ NASA R enthusiastic bout d prospect of finding <0>..<0> life, dey hav not claimed 2 hav actually dn so.

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