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    Monday, May 22, 2017

    Triple talaq will lead to social boycott : The All India Muslim Personal Law Board

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    The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Monday told the Supreme Court that Muslim friends no longer have the right to return to "triple talaq" to seek a divorce, and that those who face a social boycott.

    The junta, in her affidavit, said the Talaq is an unwanted practice, and that AIMPLB is issuing a council - for all Muslims - that at the time of the Nikah (marriage) the Kazis will advise the girlfriends, In the case of differences, Will not pronounce three "talaqs" in a single meeting since this practice is being convicted in Shariat. The bride and the groom are also advised to integrate this company into the Nikahnama.

    The board also informed the Court that in April a resolution on the social boycott of men had been adopted with "triple talaq".

    The affidavit of the table published a copy of the resolution adopted at its meeting in Lucknow on 15 and 16 April in the context of divorce (talaq) in the Muslim community. It was decided at the meeting to spread a code of conduct / guidelines for divorce, emphasizing in particular the avoidance of three divorces in a single session.

    Appeared to the board, the commander-in-chief and the congressman, Kapil Sibal, had said that the Talaq three edition, a practice based on faith and 1,400 years, can not be decided by the court. He said to the court, "Please do not go into this area." It would be dangerous to interpret them in six days since it is not the work of this court. "When the community feels that the time for change has come, we will accept it, and the faith should not be interpreted by the court."

    Quoted a survey of about 1000 Muslim families, Mr. Sibal said that Triple-Talaq immediately was a popular way to end marriages. He said that of 371 reported divorces, only one person used Triple Talaq, and that these cases accounted for only 0.44 percent of divorces among Muslims.

    The AIMPLB told the court Monday that the social boycott of those who resort to the triple Talaq form of divorce will further reduce the incidents of this divorce.

    Although he said the Council would issue a council for all imams and Kazis in the country, he said the April resolution of the junta stressed that disputes between man and woman should be solved through mutual interaction.

    But if the differences are irrevocable, then you can go back to divorce but never go into one.

    The Code of Conduct states that an option after Shariat is for the husband to pronounce a "talaq" during the purity of his wife and leave his wife until the end of the waiting period. If during the waiting period a favorable situation arises, the man must keep it and both must live as spouses. If the husband does not keep his wife during this time, the marriage will be automatically resolved after the end of the waiting period, and both will be free and authorized to start a new life.

    If the woman is pregnant during the waiting period, the waiting period until the time of delivery is extended. The husband has to pay the costs incurred during the waiting period, and if the dowry has not been paid, the husband must pay immediately.

    When the husband and wife reach a friendly settlement after the waiting period, both can celebrate their marriage again with a new dowry.

    The second possibility is that the man pronounces a "talaq" during the cleanness of his wife, then one in the second month and the third in the third month. If they reach a friendly settlement before the third divorce is pronounced, the husband has to keep the wife and restore the previous marriage.

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