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    Monday, May 22, 2017

    Mt Everest’s Hillary Step destroyed, say mountaineers

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    A famous feature of Mount Everest called "El Paso Hillary" has collapsed, so it is possible that the ascent to the highest summit in the world is even more dangerous and time-consuming, climbers have confirmed.

    The almost vertical rock, which was 12 meters high, lay in the southeast of the mountain and was the last big challenge before the top. El Paso Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to climb Mount Everest in 1953.

    The British climber Tim Mosedale confirmed the news of Step's death in a Facebook post after reaching the summit on May 16 and called the loss "the end of an era".

    "It is connected with the history of Everest, and it is a great disgrace that a piece of mountaineering folklore has disappeared," said Mosedale. "It was reported last year and I really uploaded it last year, but we were not sure" The Step "was gone because the area was full of snow," he wrote on Facebook.

    "This year, however, I can report that the piece" Rockary Step "definitely does not exist," he added. Mosedale believes that Paso was most likely a victim of the Nepal earthquake in 2015, BBC News reported.

    Highlanders claim that the snow-covered slope is much easier to climb than the famous vertical rock, but loose rocks could make it difficult and time-consuming.

    This could create a bottleneck that allows the mountaineers to wait for hours in the background, leading to risky situations for those already fighting low oxygen and freezing conditions in the upper reaches of the world.

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