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    Friday, May 5, 2017

    Ladys, watched! On what men in the bed REALLY stand

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    Sex is great. Without question. But unfortunately the feminine and male opinions about how great sex has to look like, go a bit apart.

    No wonder women wonder what men really want. After all, you want to have the greatest possible fun together, so we are quite open to women's wishes. So what are the secret wishes of men? What is she doing?

    If you make a small survey among women, then mostly cliché answers such as: "Men love sex with blowjob, threesome and a tergo." As far as the common drawers think about male sex preference. But is that also so? Yes and no! For our men are not so simple as we women sometimes believe.

    Here are seven things that men want in bed:

    1. When women feel like it
    Sometimes it can be so easy to make the men happy. The Lords of Creation make it especially when they see that their partner is lust. That what they do, the heart lady is fun and excites her. On the other hand, men find it unbearable if she is lying in bed with no desire and lets everything go beyond herself. A male nightmare.

    Therefore: Show him that he does everything right - then the men's world is already in order. Actually, a wish that we women would also sign. We also want to see that he passes before pleasure when we touch him. So we agree on the point.

    2. When women love his body
    This point is actually well understood. Unfortunately, he sometimes comes from our point of view when it comes to the point. We women often think, "Of course I find him hot, would I sleep with him?"

    But it is not that easy. After all, on request, an extremely large number of men confirm that it is very important to them and, above all, extremely exciting when they find their body hot. And show him that too. That's why show your lover boy that you love his body with skin and hair and only want to fondle him.

    3. Was clear: Blowjob
    Yes, sure! Of course, men love being spoiled by their partner. The beloved Blowjob. Nothing new. But - and this is new - when we sometimes struggle with the idea of ​​kneeling in front of him and pampering him, because that is somewhat submissive, it is actually quite different.

    Men love the blowjob less to feel dominant, but quite the opposite, to be her, her lips and her mouth completely. This is what makes oral sex so exciting for men. We have the power in this case. Good to know!

    4. Fast number
    Yes, that is not surprising. Men also have a quickie. This is not about endurance, mastery and long-term stability, but about quick and dirty. So far so well known. But the men are very much looking forward to the initiative here.

    A woman who pushes on him when he just comes to the door, kisses him passionately, takes hold of the worthy butt, and wants sex here and now - that can inspire men quite a bit. So go, dear ladies!

    5. Kissing, kissing, kissing
    Kissing is actually the most beautiful in the world. No wonder the men have also discovered the kissing for themselves. So men are not so sluggish and they kiss us women not only when they want us to go to bed.

    Men are also very happy. With everything included. With body contact, touch, tangled hair, disguised clothes and wet mouths. How good we love women so much. And then you can still land in bed ...

    6. Was clear 2: threesome
    The ultimate male sex fantasy: the threesome. And never mind with a man as a third occupation, but of course he as the man with two women. Sure, dear men. You would be too jealous for anything else, except for men. Then, of course, it looks different.

    The desire to watch two women at the Liebesspiel and have fun together with them is thanks to countless films also heated again and again. No wonder the men simply can not rest, the idea with the threesome ...

    7. Variety
    Same procedure ... no thanks! Sex life also lives on the change - and the men would also sign it. In the car, at the beach, in the nature, in a bean toilet or in the kitchen with washing machine - according to surveys the most popular and most used places are outside the bed.

    And the men also find it pretty good. Sex should not always be foreseeable, not planned and experienced. Time here, sometimes there and above all one: spontaneously. This makes the men's heart beat higher.

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