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    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    Dogs bring Good luck, Wealth and Helth

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    Dogs and humans are friends who sharelife's ups and downs. It's believed that the Dog is caring and reasonable due to its unswerving loyalty to humans, having many symbolic cultural meanings from the perspective of folklore.

    The Dog is considered to be a lucky animal by Chinese people. The owner of a house will be very pleased to adopt a stray dog which suddenly runs into his house, because it indicates that fortune is coming.

    In addition to indicating good or bad luck, the Dog also plays a role in driving away disasters according to ancient Chinese beliefs. The Dog has the essence of Yang according to the Yin-Yang Theory. The Yang energy will thrive if the Dog is cooked in the east direction, and it nourishes everything on the earth.

    The Dog sticks together with its master through thick and thin, and it gives a warning to its master if something bad is about to happen. The Dog likes barking, but it barks for a reason; therefore, the ancient people were able to predict good or bad luck according to the different timesadog barked.

    Dogs represent protection and loyalty.  Better yet, if you rescue a homeless or stray dog, this represents that luck and wealth is on its way! When a stray or needy dog finds you, give in. Welcoming a dog into your home is believed by some to increase a person's wealth and prosperity and help overcome obstacles. Regardless of what happens, you've got a dog! And that's always good.

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