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    Sunday, February 26, 2017

    Law of Attraction by Sadhguru

    Video Embed by :Bhaskban

    Lately people have started re-posting Isha owned videos under their personal accounts to steal the traffic and generate ad revenue through click-bait titles and decitful descriptions. Some have started new channels with Isha videos and started embedding their personal sales materials for various products. The strategy is extremely simple and effective. Deliberately use Sadhguru Videos to promote channels on YouTube. Once you get enough members, rename the channel to sell products and ideas that have nothing to with Isha. YouTube is littered with many such fake channels that are profiting by leveraging Isha videos. Based on what I see here, it is hard for me to accept that you (person who is reposting Isha Videos) have noble intentions. If you are truly in to something, you would give it a try and post your original content based on whether something worked for you or it did not. Sadhguru intention is to establish yoga based tools, organizational infrastructure and processes so that it will last thousands of years. If people are hizacking his videos while he is still in the body, imagine what will happen once is gone. This is exactly what happened to pre-colonial yoga (the yoga that existed before the British Colonization).

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