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    Thursday, February 16, 2017

    Effects Of Blue Sapphire

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    According to Vedic astrology, the blue sapphire represents the planet Saturn [Shani]. It is a very effective gemstone. It is said that when the blue sapphire gemstone gives good effects to the wearer it can achieve huge success in life. It's true? If so, what is the reason for this? Let me tell you, the blue sapphire is the gem of Saturn or Shani Deva. It has all the peculiarities of Saturn. According to Vedic astrology Saturn refers to hard work and working people. It is wrong to say that Saturn gives you all the success without the hard work. In fact, people who do not get the hard work can not get the good effects of the blue sapphire, this gem gives only to people who work hard. If you're not afraid to work hard, you can use Blue Sapphire to get the blessing of Shani Deva. But it is important that you read your horoscope through an experienced astrologer before you buy Blue Sapphire.According to my experience very few people can get the good impact of Blue Sapphire on this earth.It is also said that blue sapphire gives effects on the wearer in a few hours. In my opinion, it is wrong, since Saturn is the slowest planet in the zodiac. It takes at least 30 years to complete the circle of twelve Rashies. It means that it takes two and a half years on a Rashi. Planet Luna takes only one month to complete the circle of twelve rashies, which means the planet is faster. Tell me how a slow gemstone planet can give you the results in a couple of hours. Each gem can take a few months to give the results to the wearer.Super fine quality Blue Sapphire are from Jammu and Kashmire. It is not possible to find the original Blue Kashmir Sapphire Now to Days, and if it is found, anyone can not buy the Blue Sapphire Kashmir as it is the most expensive blue sapphire on the planet. Blue Sapphire is also found in Shree Lanka. It is readily available in the markets, its price range starts from INR 1000.00 to 100000.00 per carat, for good effects you should use at least INR 3000.00 per carat.How to wear Blue Sapphire - NeelamIf you want to use a blue sapphire gem, you can have a blue sapphire of 3 to 6 carats. Transparent blue sapphire Ceylon give better results in my experience. Make into gold or silver ring and wear it in the morning of every Sabbath during Shukla Paksha, wear it on the middle finger. For cleansing and activating the precious stone, dip the ring in milk, honey and pure water for 20 to 30 minutes, burn 5 incense sticks on behalf of Shani Deva and pray that you will wear the blue representative gemstone sapphire to bless you Shani Deva to have. Then remove the ring from pure water and around the incense 11 times while speaking the mantra शनिच च्चरानम नम: According to the mantra you can do it on the middle finger. The blue sapphire gives effects within 60 days after use and up to 4 years will give full effects after it is inactive, you need to change your gem after inactivation. For good results you can use a blue sapphire from Ceylon. Cheap and bad gemstones can produce bad results.

    On which blue Sapphire finger - Neelam should be used after astrology?According to astrology in general, the blue sapphire should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand.What day and time should the blue sapphire - Neelam be used?For good astrological effects you have to wear blue Sapphire-Neelam between 5.00 and 7.00 am on Saturday morning. In shukla puksha days.In which way should you use the blue sapphire - Neelam?For best results, blue sapphire - Neelam should be worn in gold, but if you can not afford gold, you can get it in Punch Dhatu [five Mettler] as well.Is it necessary to activate the Blue Sapphire - Neelam before you use it?Without the activation of the blue sapphire - Neelam with the right astrological process, there may be bad effects. Therefore, it is necessary to activate the blue sapphire of Shani Mantras before using it.Chemical composition of blue sapphireChemical composition - AL2O3 (alumina).Color - blue to dark blue to light blue.Species - corundumSpecific Weight - 3.95 - 4.03Natural sources of blue sapphireThe blue sapphire is found in Burma, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Tanzania and Thailand. The best quality blue sapphire is found in Kashmir, India.

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