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    Saturday, December 10, 2016

    Is Amazon's Echo Dot Is Better Than Amazon Echo

    Amazon Eco Dot is a loudspeaker 360 degrees with remote field voice recognition powered by Amazon Alexa voice service / assistant.

    Design-wise it looks like a hockey puck with two buttons on the top. It is basically a Bluetooth speaker that can look like the first half inch of the top of a pringles.

    The new Echo Dot has all the previous echoes, including wide-ranging field voice functions, a microphone off switch, an action button (for WiFi), and of course "Alexa" to answer applications, and give news, weather, traffic, sports -Scores, and more. You will not lose access to any of the capabilities of Echo, including its third-party capabilities like Fitbit, Uber, Domino Pizza, and Capitol One (which is in the Alexa app).

    However, there are some major differences between the old and the new Amazon Echo Point, and these differences are what makes the point beyond its main product.

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