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    Wednesday, December 7, 2016

    Fire TV review

    The place in the streaming set-top box is increasingly over-filled, and the last focus of the big players on the market is 4K.Although it might have some tough competition from the TV Nvidia Shield, Amazon makes a game for the Crown 4K streaming with its updated Amazon Fire TV. Now that 4K TVs have become much cheaper, the updated version of Amazon Fire TV is now a much more attractive prospect when you go to show your new TV in all its glory. As a primer, the 4K resolution offers 4x more pixels than 1080p standard with a resolution of 3.840 x 2.160.

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    In addition to accessing 4K UHD content, Amazon has also optimized the hardware inside its small black box, reducing the processor to improve performance across the board. And this is all without raising the original price $$ points. It makes all up to a worthy investment, though?From the outside, you can not notice a difference between the TV box 2015 4K Amazon Fire and iteration last year. It is still a clean box, matt black with all its hidden doors around the back. Shiny plates around the sides of the box to add some style as the Amazon family logo sits on the top plate.When the LED is lit, only a small white LED flashes with the key. Amazon has done it well to keep the design simple TV Fire so that blends easily into your entertainment system.On closer inspection, there are some subtle - and a little "more than division - changes between the two.For the beginning, Amazon has changed the finish on the top panel on the latest TV Fire. Soft-touch matte finish of the previous model was prone to collect dirt and fingerprints. The latest model has a textured finish that means you will not notice that these dirty markers will appear somewhere near so often.

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