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    Sunday, December 4, 2016

    Coincidental twin tragedy by same taxi

    Coincidental twin tragedy by same taxi and same driver and passenger.
    Coincidental twin tragedy by same taxi and same driver and passenger.

    This is an interesting statement that describes a very strange and hard-to-believe coincidence of a tragedy. According to the announcement, two brothers were killed at a car accident at the age of 17 - driving the same mopeds, exactly after a year (1974 and 1975), in the same room, the same taxi, with the same driver wearing the same Passenger. This story "incredible" has been around online for many years and not many could understand if such an event really happened. Today, we will analyze the extent to which the demand is made, and whether there is any dizziness.

    In most cases the story is shared online, the source is called "Phenomena: a book of wonders", published by John Michell and Robert JM Rickard in 1977. The article reported that this month, Reader's Digest has reprinted the history of the deaths of 1975, including the bizarre drama entitled 'The Royal Gazette (, which was released in May 2011. How are the chances? "This was reported in the July 21, 1975 edition of the Royal Gazette newspaper, titels" Incredible coincidence of road traffic accidents ".

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    Bermuda Landmass is limited, and its capital Hamilton is spread over a small area of ​​70 acres (about 173 acres), with a population that lives only 1.800 in 2010, Im Year 1974 the number of people in the accident area could be much less, and the number of cabins in the area and the people who used them would be even smaller. In addition, it would not be a coincidence that two brothers lived in the same area and he inherited his brother's moped. So the likelihood that the two brothers would be hit by the same cabin (with the same passenger) in the same way, it would not be so small. A tragic coincidence, but still interesting.

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