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    Friday, December 30, 2016

    A journey through a refugee camp in West Bank, Palestine

    The time is still in the refugee camp Qalandia in the Westjordanland. Although located between Ramallah and East Jerusalem, this refugee camp is miles away from modernization, development and civilian services. It seems that the area has always fluctuated in misery, the lack of hygiene and safety. There are very few people who are devastated in this area by time and circumstances. The walls of this part of the city crumble. There is a terrible killing hostility surrounding the entire refugee camp. The camp was founded in 1949 by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Leased from the Jordanian land, it is under Israeli occupation and therefore heavily guarded. Palestinians live in crowded houses filled with sardines, without space to breathe. The area is reminiscent of a dystopian future in which modern civilization no longer exists. Small children who do not attend school can be played on the floor. A look at them and it is clear that their childhood was removed from them.

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    The houses in the Qalandia refugee camp are strangely situated. One piled on the other like a block of deformed legos, which permeated a penetrating smell of dyed residues on damp soils. Every fifth house has a tragedy to share. Either the Israeli authorities blown their houses or demolished them in wholesale trade. There are pieces of bricks, mortars and rubble still there.

    Some refugees who have remained since the exodus of Al-Nakba in 1948 tell their journey of eternal exile. She lost her family, her work and her identity. Today they have only one piece of Israeli approval, which allows them to cross the checkpoint near. Unfortunately, this is not enough. In the case of a medical emergency, if they want to go to East Jerusalem, a fairly developed area, they can be stopped, condemned and condemned by the Israeli army. They have no power to resist. If they are misbehaved, they must be imprisoned in Israeli prison without evidence.

    In the Qalandia refugee camp, there are several martyrs' homes. Of the 3,000 families staying here, most of them have lost their young children from the Israeli occupation. Each house has its deceased poster at the main entrance, with contradiction quotes written in Arabic. In 2013, the refugee camp was one of the worst forms of oppression by Israeli forces during the Qalandia attack. Lightning forward three years later, the scars are still alive. The tears of mothers do not stop. They can still be seen, standing at the gates, waiting for their children to return. Unfortunately, they will never. Often reports of deaths in the Qalandia refugee camp are not published in the media. There is a complete blackout of the media and as a result this refugee camp remains an invisible terrarium of human suffering.

    Qalandia's control point, one of the most guarded in West Jordan, arrested and shoots almost every week. Israelis grab Palestinian cars, lock them into the penitentiary and simply delete them from the public memory. The death of hope and longevity can be perceived more strongly here. Residents of Qalandia are in exile in their own country without permission to move freely, speak or even participate. Their livelihood is endangered, but the resistance continues in some fragments of the refugee camp. The walls are lined with illustrations of dead martyrs and their names, with quotes of perseverance and hope. Perhaps this is the only catharsis that can embrace her.

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