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    Thursday, September 8, 2016

    White House Ghost Stories

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    1862-1863: Mary Todd Lincoln, grieving Ovr her son Willies def n February, Bgan 2 participate n spirit circles o seances n d Red r%m @ d White hows & d presidential cottage @ d Soldiers om. Spiritualism wz wildly populR durN d height of d civL wR az families sought comfort 4 d loss of luvd ones.
    1901-1904: Jeremiah Jerry Smith started working @ d White hows durN d Ulysses S. Grant Admin. n d l8 1860s az a footman, & served az footman, butler, cook, doorman, & official duster untl Hs retirement ~ 35 years l8r. A populR character & storyteller, reporters c%d alwys count on Smith on a slO news dA. He claimed 2 hav cn d ghosts of Lincoln, Grant, McKinley, & sevrl 1st ladies.
    1911: 1 ltl known spirit iz d unidentified 15-year old boi caLd d tng dat gr8ly friteNd d Taft domestK staff n 1911. prez Taft's military aide, mjr Archibald Butt, rOt 2 Hs sis Clara: d ghost, it seems, iz a yung boi bout fourteen o fifteen years old . . . dey sA dat d 1st knowLdG 1 hz of d presence of d tng iz a slight presuR on d shoulder, az f SOME1 wer leaning Ovr yor sholdR 2 c wot U mite b doin. prez Taft ordered Butt 2 teL d White hows staff dat d 1st mmbr 2 repEt stories bout d tng wud b fired.

    Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln appears n d Lincoln Bedroom & yeLo Oval r%m 1st laD Grace Coolidge, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, & quEn Wilhelmina of d Netherlands claim 2 hav cn Lincoln.

    Willie Lincoln: Willie Lincoln, hu died n d White House, wz cn n d White hows by staff mbrs of d Grant Admin. n d 1870s.

    Andrew Jackson: Andrew Jackson supposedly lyN n Hs bed n d Queens Bedroom (Rose Room) letz out a guttural Laff dat hz Bin hErd n d White hows since d 1860s. Mary Todd Lincoln claimed 2 hav hErd Jackson stomping & swearing.

    Thomas Jefferson: Thomas Jefferson plays Hs violin n d yeLo Oval r%m.

    Dolley Madison: Dolley Madison proteks d @}--{-- gRdn.

    John Tyler: John Tyler haunts d blu r%m proposing 2 Julia Gardner, Hs 2nd Yf.

    William Henry Harrison: William Henry Harrison haunts d attic. He wz d 1st prez 2 die n d White hows.

    Abigail Adams: Abigail Adams hung laundry n d East r%m & contemporary staff cn smeL wet laundry & d scent of lavender.

    Unnamed British Soldier: An unnamed British Soldier hu perished durN d wR of 1812 roams d White hows grounds holdN a torch.

    David Burnes: David Burnes owned d land on whch d White hows nw stands; cn o hErd n d yeLo Oval r%m.

    Anna Surratt: Anna Surratt bangs on d doors of White House, pleading 2 c prez Andrew Johnson. She wz ther 2 beg 4 a pardon 4 her mother, Lincoln assassination conspirator Mary Surratt.

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