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    Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    Watch Donald Trump's full speech on defense spending

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    Watch Donald Trump's full speech on defense spending

    DIS iz a transcript of Donald J. Trump’s 4n policy remarks, az transcribed by d Federal News srvic.

    thk U 4 d opRtunET 2 spk 2 you, & thk U 2 d cNtR 4 National intRSt 4 honoring me w DIS invitation. It truly iz a gr8 honR. I’d lIk 2 TLK 2day bout how 2 devLp a nu 4n policy directN 4 our country, 1 dat replaces randomness w purpose, ideology w strategy, & chaos w (-<-).

    It’s tym 2 shAk d rust off America’s 4n policy. It’s tym 2 invite nu voices & nu visions in2 d fold, somTIN we hav 2 do. d directN I wiL outline 2day wiL also RT us 2 a timeless principle. My 4n policy wiL alwys put d interests of d Amrcn ppl & Amrcn security abof aL Ls. It hz 2 b 1st. hz 2 b.

    dat wiL b d foundation of evry sngL decision dat I wiL mAk.

    America 1st wiL b d mjr & overriding theme of my Admin.. bt 2 chart our path forward, we must 1st briefly tAk a L%k bak. We hav a lot 2 b proud of.

    n d 1940s we saved d wrld. d greatest gnr8n beat bak d Nazis & Japanese imperialists. thN we saved d wrld agen. DIS time, frm totalitarianism & communism. d Cold wR lasted 4 decades but, gueS what, we won & we won big. Democrats & Republicans working 2geder got Mr. Gorbachev 2 heed d wrds of prez Reagan, our gr8 president, wen he said, tear dwn DIS wall.


    History wiL not 4get wot he did. A v specL mang & prez. Unfortunately, aftR d Cold wR our 4n policy veered badly off corS. We failed 2 devLp a nu vision 4 a nu tym. n fact, az tym went on, our 4n policy Bgan 2 mAk less & less senS. Logic wz replaced w foolishness & arrogance, whch led 2 1 4n policy disaster aftR NothA.

    dey jst kept comin & comin. We went frm mistakes n Iraq 2 Egypt 2 Libya, 2 prez Obama’s line n d sand n Syria. Ech of dEz actions hav helped 2 throw d region in2 chaos & gave ISIS d spAc it needs 2 grO & prosper. v bad. It aL Bgan w a dangerous idea dat we c%d mAk western democracies out of countries dat had n XperENs o interests n BcumN a western democracy.

    We tore ^ wot institutions dey had & thN wer :-O @ wot we unleashed. civL war, religious fanaticism, thousands of Americans & jst killed b lives, lives, lives ;>. Horribly ;>. mNE trillions of dollars wer 404 az a rEzlt. d vacuum wz creatD dat ISIS wud fiL. Iran, too, wud rush n & fiL dat void much 2 thR rly unjust enrichment.

    dey hav benefited so much, so sadly, 4 us. Our 4n policy iz a complEt & total disaster. n vision. n purpose. n directN. n strategy. 2day I wnt 2 identify 5 mAn weaknesses n our 4n policy.

    First, our resources R totally Ovr extended. prez Obama hz weakened our military by weakening our economy. He’s crippled us w wasteful spending, massive debt, low growth, a huge trade deficit & OpN borders. Our manufacturing trade deficit w d wrld iz nw approaching $1 trillion a yr..

    We’re rebuilding othR countries whIl weakening our own. endN d theft of Amrcn jobs wiL GIV us resources we nEd 2 rebuild our military, whch hz 2 hpn & regain our financial independence & strength. I M d only prsn runN 4 d presidency hu understands DIS & DIS iz a Cres prob.

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