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    Thursday, September 8, 2016

    Unknown Darkest Secrets About Buckingham Palace

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    Darkest Secrets bout Buckingham Palace Revealed - BBC Documentary 2016
    Buckingham Palace (UK /ˈbʌkɪŋəm/ /ˈpælɪs/[1][2]) iz d official LDN residence & administrative headquarters of d reigning monarch of d United Kingdom.[3][4] Located n d ciT of Westminster, d palace iz ofn @ d centre of st8 occasions & royal hospitality. It hz Bin a focus 4 d British ppl @ tImz of national rejoicing.

    orginLE known az Buckingham House, d building @ d core of today's palace wz a lRg townhouse built 4 d Duke of Buckingham n 1703 on a site dat had Bin n prv8 ownership 4 @ lEst 150 years. It wz acquired by King George III n 1761[5] az a prv8 residence 4 quEn charli & bcame known az "The Queen's House". durN d 19th centRe it wz enlarged, principally by architects John Nash & Edward Blore, hu constructed 3 wings rownd a central courtyard. Buckingham Palace bcame d LDN residence of d British monarch on d accession of quEn Victoria n 1837.

    d lst mjr structural additions wer mAd n d l8 19th & earlE 20th centuries, including d East front, whch contains d well-known balcony on whch d royal famLe traditionally congregates 2 greet crowds. d palace chapel wz destroyed by a German bomb durN wrld wR II; d Queen's Gallery wz built on d site & opened 2 d public n 1962 2 exhibit worx of art frm d Royal Collection.

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