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    Saturday, September 10, 2016

    The Girl With 10 Lives

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    Reincarnation iz actually a v widely held belief n d world...but DIS 3:o) claims 2 hav remembered her previous 10 lives.

    c%d SOME1 actually recall d past 10 lives dat dey had?
    frm d tym Joey Verwey wz jst 3 years old, she wz tellin her famLe amazn stories dat she wz abL 2 remMbR frm her previous 10 reincarnations. Stories dat wer so unusual & detailed, ther wz n way dat she c%d hav learned dem on her own.

    By d tym she wz five, she wz meeting regularly w parapsychology professors, reincarnation gurus, regressive hypnotherapists, & investigative journalists, hu aL concluded dat DIS NOsNt child offered d most convincing, modern evidence dat reincarnation rly exists.

    Her 1st Lyf wz a cave dweller bout 200 $MM years ago. She remembers bn chased by a dinosaur, & lEvN stOn & bone tools Bhind n a cave. Today, she wz abL 2 lEd investigators 2 a series of caves n South Africa dat she had nevr cn b4. dEz wer d exact sAm caves whr Royal Society Fellow, Robert Bloom, discovered d missing Lnk Btwen apes & humans, Australopithecus Africanus.

    2ice she lived az an Egyptian slave, & remembers w perfect accuracy d conditions on borD a slAv galley, & thR ancient techniques of paving stOn roads.

    ther R other, less undefined memories frm othR ages, whr she remembers warin a hevE veil, & CN a prinzS riding n a cariG on d bak of an 6/).

    She remembers Dtails frm her Lyf az a persecuted Christian, durN Roman Emperor Nero's wckd reign of terror n d 1st century, whr she mA hav met St. Peter.

    She also recalls living n South Africa n d earlE 1900's, az a grandchild of thN prez Paul Kruger, & thN growing ^ 2 hav two husbands, & 10 chldrn. on investigation, dEz ppl proved 2 b real, & it wz discovered dat 1 of her chldrn wz stil alive & n her nineties.

    5 yr. old Joey met DIS elderly woman, hu wz instantly reminded of her own mother, & d two had long, convincing discussions bout thR past famLe Lyf 2geder.

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