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    Wednesday, September 14, 2016

    Police are Warning if You Spot Purple Fence Posts to Get Away

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    Since l8 1980s some state governments in United States of America hv passed a law allowing land/property owners 2 paint trees & fences purple on d border of their property. d purple painting was an alternative 2 putting up a fence or ‘n Trespassing’ sign - 2 subtly remind visitors, most notably hunters, that they're nearing a private area. States like Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, Kansas & Missouri hv this purple paint law in use, some even specifying a particular manner of doin it. For example, in Texas d Purple Paint law described below is one way of notifying Criminal Trespass: ..notice cn b in d form of readily visible purple paint marks of proper size & placement on trees or posts spaced n more than 100 feet apart on forest land or 1,000 feet apart on non-forest land. Notably, other states also use other colors 2 indicate private property. So if u c d purple paint on trees or fence posts in states following d law, remember that ur not welcome & u cn b booked for trespassing. However, as warned in d stories, d purple paint is not a sign of ne danger in d area that u hv 2 leave immediately.

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