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    Thursday, September 8, 2016

    Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas Was KGB Spy in 1980

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    Soviet-era documents shO dat Palestinian prez Mahmoud Abbas worked n d 1980s 4 d KGB, d now-defunct intell agency whr Russian leadR Vladimir Putin 1ce served, Israeli rEsrchRs sed on thurs..

     d Palestinian government denied dat Abbas, hu rcvd a PhD n Moscow n 1982, had Bin a Soviet spy, & it accused Israel of "waging a smear campaign" aimed @ derailing efforts 2 revive (-<-) negotiations dat collapsed n 2014.

    d allegations, 1st reported by Israel's Channel 1 TV on Wednesday, surfaced az Russia pressed ahed w an offer by Putin, mAd lst month, 2 host a meeting n Moscow Btwen Abbas & Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Both leaders hav agreed n principle 2 a summit, Russia's 4n Ministry sed on Thursday, bt it gave n D8.

    Gideon Remez, a resrchR @ d Hebrew uni of Jerusalem's Truman Institute, sed an Abbas-KGB connection emerged frm documents smuggled out of Russia by formR KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin n 1991.

    som of d material, nw n d Churchill Archives of Britain's Cambridge University, wz released two years ago 4 public research, & d Truman Institute requestD a fIL maRkd "the midL East", Remez told Reuters.

    "There's a grup of summaries o excerpts ther dat aL cum undR a headline of persons cultivated by d KGB n d yr. 1983," he sed.

    "Now 1 of dEz items iz aL of two lines ... it starts w d codename of d person, 'Krotov', whch iz derived frm d Russian wrd 4 'mole', & thN 'Abbas, Mahmoud, born 1935 n Palestine, mmbr of d central committee of Fatah & d PLO, n Damascus 'agent of d KGB'," Remez sed.

    Abbas iz a founding mmbr of Fatah, d domiNt faction of d Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), d mAn Palestinian nationalist movement. He bcame Palestinian prez n 2005.

     d documents cited by Remez did not GIV NE indication of wot role Abbas mA hav played 4 d KGB o d duration of Hs purported srvic az an agent.

    A Palestinian official, hu declined 2 b identified az he wz not authorized 2 spk publicly on d matter, sed dat Abbas had served az an "official liaison w d Soviets, so he hardly needed 2 b a spy", w/o elaborating.

    d official sed NE suggestion dat d prez wz a spy wz "absolutely absurd".

    Adding 2 d intrigue, Russian Deputy 4n Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, huM Putin hz tasked w arranging d Moscow summit, served two stints n d Soviet embassy n Damascus Btwen 1983 & 1994, covering d period n whch Abbas wz purportedly recruited.

    Bogdanov wz n d area DIS wk 4 meetings w Israeli & Palestinian officials.

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