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    Sunday, September 25, 2016

    New York Times endorses Hillary for President

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    d nu York tImz on s@RdA endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton & caLd upon Americans 2 vote 4 her decades of pro XperENs az a public servant, her programmes & her ideas.

    d editorial, published n d daily's on9 edition & 2 apEr n d prNt edition on Sunday, caLd Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump "the worst nominee put 4ward by a mjr pRT n modern Amrcn history," EFE news reported.

    Clinton, on d othR hand, demonstrates d "intellect, experience, toughness & courage" required n a Commander-in-Chief, d papR sed.

    d txt of d editorial, whch d tImz sed precedes NothA l8r piece devoted exclusively 2 Trump & wot it views az Hs shortcomings, explains Y 1 of d most influential us newspapers hz renewed d suport it alredi provided 2 Clinton durN d primaries.

    Clinton "has a record of srvic & a raft of pragmatic ideas," whereas Trump "discloses Nuttin concrete bout himsLf o Hs plans whIl promising d moon & offering d ** on layaway." EFE news quoted d papR az saying.

    Ovr her 40 years of public service, d daily added, Clinton hz shown herself 2 b "one of d most tenacious politicians of her generation, whuz willingness 2 study & coRec corS iz rare n an age of unyielding partisanship."

    d piece recalled her activitEs az 1st lady, her 8 years n d Senate & her 4 years az Secretary of State, & it emphasised her "detailed proposals on crime, policing & race relations, debt-free college & small-business incentives, climate chAng & affordable broadband," noting dat it wud b ^ 2 Congress 2 paS laws implementing NE o aL of dEz.

    d tImz sed dat ppl shud not vote 4 Clinton jst cuz she's not Trump, emphasising dat d formR 1st laD iz d most capable candidate & d 1 hu hz d "capacity 2 rise" 2 d "challenges DIS cuntrE faces."

    n d primaries, d daily backed Clinton 4 d Democrats & Ohio Governor John Kasich 4 d Republicans, EFE news reported.

    d nu York tImz hz endorsed an uninterrupted string of Democratic nominees n d presidential elections since 1956, wen it threw itz suport 2 d re-election of Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower, hu won NothA four-year term & huM it had also backed 4 prez wen he ran 4 a 1st term n 1952.

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