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    Thursday, September 8, 2016

    Natural Facial Hair Removal Old Indian Recipe

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    DIS method involves d uz of tweezers & removes hair frm d follicles. Therefore, re-growth takes tym. Plucking iz suitable 4 stra hairs on d chin, Btwen & undR d brows. It shud not b Usd 4 hair on d upper lip. d area shud b 1st wiped w cotN wool, soaked n a mild antiseptic solutN. 1 shud also tAk cAR not 2 pluck out hair frm a mole, b4 consulting a doctR.
    It's d most comN method of removing facial hair. d disadvantage iz dat d fx iz temporary & d procedure hz 2 b repeated periodically. It iz useful 4 areas lIk d upper lip & d eyebrows. n fact, threading iz dn 2 shAp d eyebrows. Frequent
    threading cn coz skin irritations. on sensitive skins, ther cn b redness o a rash. Avoid threading on areas w eruptions, lIk pimples o acne. A zinc ointment o ice cn b appliD 2 soothe d skin.
    mNE bUtE salons offer "katori" waxing 4 facial hair. Cold wax wud b safer 4 d fAc. Waxing strips R avail.. However, lRg areas of d fAc shud not b waxed. It wud b gud 4 smaLR areas lIk d chin, area abof d lips o sideburns. 4 XSive facial hair, mNE women uz a combination of methods, lIk threading chin & area abof lips & bleaching d rSt of d fAc. Or, threading chin & upper lip & waxing sideburns.
    An epilator iz a sml gadget 4 hair removal. Epilators 4 facial hair R dfrnt frm d ones 4 Bod hair. d fx lasts 4 bout 4 2 6 weeks. Epilators puL out d hair by d roots. It iz sed dat d smallest hair cn b removed w an epilator. ther iz
    som initial pain, whch mA decrease gradually.
    Although DIS iz sed 2 b a permanent method of hair removal, re-growth cn ocur. n electrolysis, d diathermy method wz comN. It involves d uz of fiN needles, Thru whch an electric curNt iz paSd. bt nw a nu procedure iz bn used, known az transdermal electrolysis, n whch needles R not Usd. Also, superfluous hair cn b removed frm larger areas.
    n d earlier method, needles wer introduced in2 d hair follicle 2 cauterise d hair root. DIS checked re-growth. It iz extremely important 2 mAk inquiries, az scarring cn ocur n d hands of an unskilled operator.
    DIS iz d L8st method of permanent removal of facial hair. Laser produces an intense beam of light, whch iz absorbed by d hair follicles. d laser disables d hair follicle's ability 2 produce hair. Cooling devices R Usd 2 prevnt damage 2 d rSt of theskin. d advantage of laser Ovr electrolysis iz dat d laser lite cn scan broader areas. Therefore, fewer sessions R required. However, it iz mo XpNsiv thN electrolysis. Re-growth occurs n som cases, bt iz slower & scantier. It iz v important 2 find agood laser clinic. d temporary known side effects R redness, swelling & itching. d mAn rsk n laser treatment iz d possibility of skin burns. So, b4 choosing d clinic, it iz SNshL 2 find out itz reputation, by makin inquiries & talkin 2 ppl hu hav Bin Thru d treatment.
    om remedies
    4 v fiN hair, scrubs & exfoliation cn hlp. DIS wud discourage hair growth Ovr a period of time, f Usd regularly. mAk a thick paste of sugar, lemon juice & H2O & apply it n d directN of hair growth. Wash off wen it dries. Apply it 1ce o 2ice a wk. Apply a paste of turmeric powder & mlk & rub DIS on d skin w a circular motion. It iz sed 2 discourage facial hair, bt it mA Leav a yellowish tinge on d skin.

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