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    Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    Nataliya Kozhenova's UNCENSORED photoshoot video 18+

    Video Embed by :Bhaskban

    Naliya Kozhenova, d protagonist n 'Anjunaa Beach' that's inspired by d Scarlett Keeling murder n Goa, says it wasn't fair 2 shoot w/o permission.
    Anjunaa Beach", d film inspired by d Scarlett Keeling murder mystery, hz Bin dragged in2 controversy. DIS tym around, it surrounds d shooting of d murder scene frm d film on Goa's Anjuna ~~~C___ w/o permission. az f dat isn't enough, d movie's director hz evN claimed dat he had paid bribes 2 cops so dat he c%d shoot 4 two hours on d ~~~C___.
    whIl d chRjs R nw bn investigated, Nataliya Kozhenova, hu plays d protagonist n d movie, hz sed dat it wasn't fair 2 shoot on d ~~~C___ w/o permission. Excerpts frm an intRview w d half-Italian half-Ukranian model-turned-actor:
    wen did U shoot d murder scene on d Anjuna beach?
    I think, it wz sometime n December dat we shot dat scene.
    Did U hav permissions 2 shoot it there?
    n. n fact, I wz v scArd. I had also told my director not 2 shoot n Goa since we had permission isUz. I had told him: 'Let's shoot it somwher n Mumbai... mAbE Madh Island.' bt then, I M only an actor on d sets & I had 2 go w wot wz told 2 me.
    So, how did d shooting go?
    wen we went 2 shoot on d beach, cops came & interrupted d shoot. My director spoke 2 dem. He came bak & told us dat d cops had agreed 2 briefly lt us shoot on d ~~~C___ aftR he had bribed dem.
    Do U tink it's fair 2 hav ventured 2 shoot n Goa wen U didn't hav permissions n d 1st place?
    I don't tink it iz rght. But, I also fEl dat it isn't rght 4 d cops 2 ask 4 bribes.
    comin 2 yor movie, iz yor character also caLd Scarlett?
    n. She iz caLd Jessica.
    f U R changing d nAm of d character, Y do U nEd 2 shO aL d evnts dat t%k plAc n real life?
    I 1Dr Y dey had 2 chAng d nAm of my character frm Scarlett. aftR all, d mvie iz basD on a true story. I M pritE suR my director wntd 2 shO d actual place, whr d real akcdnt t%k plAc.
    n real life, d 15-year-old Scarlett had suffered 50 separate injuries n d attack n February 2008, whch occurred wen she wz staying w friends, whIl her famLe travelled along d _:-) coast. n yor film, how hav U depicted d murder scene?
    ther iz n rape scene n d film. We hav only shown her ded Bod on d Anjuna ~~~C___ w a bandana rownd her neck.
    Scarlett wz reportedly found n a semi-nude condition on d ~~~C___. Did U also shO Jessica dat way?
    n. ther iz n vulgarity. I wore a swimsuit 4 d murder scene.
    hu hz yor mvie held responsible 4 d murder of yor character?
    ppl w political connections.
    cn U elaborate?
    I can't since my Hindi isn't t% good, I c%d jst bout figur DIS much.
    havN dn DIS movie, wot iz yor understanding of d character of Scarlett?
    She wz a yung 3:o). wot hapnd 2 her wz not cuz of her mstake. I think, her mum shud not hav L her aloN @ DIS age. I think, she wz lovely 3:o).
    Do U tink d film shud b shown 2 Scarlett's mum b4 itz release?
    f she watches d movie, I M suR she wiL lIk it.

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