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    Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    Most controversial Hindu gurus

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    While there are still Indian swamis and religious profound evangelists and instructors who are not blamed or indicted for violations, the individuals who have been gotten out in terrible exercises are numerous. When followings develop substantial, they draw in individuals who are searching for favorable circumstances – both as far as anyone knows otherworldly ones, additionally not slightest money related and social increases. Association turns into a need and, drove by an alluring nonentity whose word is taken as obvious celestial truth, the individuals who turn out to be a piece of their fiefdoms eagerly do his or her requests, for which they are remunerated. This situation is one boss path in which a master clique starts. This is in no way, shape or form just an Indian wonder, obviously, as there are likewise some exceptionally surely understood significant religions in U.S.A., Italy, South Korea… and, obviously, numerous sexually manhandling clerics in Christian chapels and groups, and there have been numerous disclosures concerning the Catholic Church in numerous nations, which has needed to confront limitless entireties in payouts taking after claims. This online journal is composed and routinely overhauled just by Robert Priddy and duplicates found on differing Asian sites are unlawful. A resigned investor in Bangalore named Ravi Ghatge told Indian media: "Most god-men [gurus] are self-declared, and they are as a rule progressively outed as wolves in sheep's clothing and fakes. At that point everyone discovers that there is not a particle of deep sense of being in any of them."

    Religious masters are among the huge cash workers in India, so it is not really shocking that these factions can purchase police but then higher security. Regardless of this, in an expanding number of examples, alleged "profound" masters have been effectively arraigned by Indian powers for wrongdoings going from sexual misuse to critical homicide. India, being such a religious cauldron appears to have the lions' offer. Indian masters either indicted or generally blamed for violations, including real misrepresentation, incorporate:-

    1) Sathya Sai Baba (expired 2011) is in all probability the most compelling master in India and abroad – self-announced God Sai Baba in 2008Incarnate, Deity of Deities, the Vishnu Avatar of the Age and so forth – who has gotten assurance from endeavors to convict him for homicide complicity (http://www.saibaba-x.org.uk/8/MurderReview.htm) and serial sex misuse (http://www.saibaba-x.org.uk/6/saisex1.htm) by his aficionados among Indian Prime Ministers, Presidents and Supreme or High Court judges. This is itself an arraignment of the Indian State's continuous defilement – a sort of assurance that epitomizes an accepted imperialism (however conceivable just while in office) as opposed to the activity of fair and legitimate standards. Obviously, his fake "emergences" and numerous false explanations and expectations are additionally exceptionally all around recorded or reported by offended devotees.

    2) The outstanding 'all singing all moving' Indian-based Hare Krishna organization (ISKCON) has had numerous and significant feelings against them in the USA. See here, and here

    3) Indicted for some lawful offenses, however not sentenced, was Rajneesh-Osho (who fled the USA with more than 100 prosecutions against him). A most exhaustive basic article is by Kevin R-D-Shepherd here aggregates up the development. See other documentation here.

    4) Swami Premananda (expired)- indicted for homicide and 13 assaults – twofold life sentence. The case went right to the Supreme Court of India, which affirmed the conviction, in view of DNA confirmation. See additionally Deccan Herald April 5 and April 6, 2005. Premananda's claimed vibuthi emergences were explored for extortion by Erlendur Haraldasson and Richard Wiseman See bigger photograph no. (No. 42) here– and read their most basic report (1995) Investigating Macro-PK in India: Swami Premananda. Diary of the Society for Psychical Research, 60(839) 193-202t

    5) Swami Rama (Deceased – Author of 'Living Among the Himalayan Masters') who got away likely conviction for sexual misuse by kicking the bucket before the case could be finished up. See proof here. Additionally here

    6) Gayatri Swami, whose impact in South India was extremely extensive was completely uncovered by Gytri Swami (Gayatri Swami) Professor Erlendur Haraldsson and Richard Wiseman. He was observed to put on a show to emerge objects inside organic products, however had a silk string appended to them! In like manner, his "emergence" of right-gave conches (to a great degree uncommon in India as 'Sri Lakshmi conches') the 'left-gave sort' are the main indigenous sort), Haraldsson followed his imports of them from California, where they are indigenous! (See bigger photograph here photograph no. 17). Erlendur Haraldsson and Joop M. Houtkooper (1994). Report of an Indian swami guaranteeing to appear objects: The worth and restrictions of field perceptions. Diary of Scientific Exploration, 8(3), 381-397. (Full content).

    7) Gowrishankara Swami; 'Hindu minister gets 10 years RI for sodomy.''The Hindu' Bangalore, Feb. 3 2004 (PTI): "The Karnataka High Court today sentenced a Hindu friar to 10 years' thorough detainment and honored a fine of Rs 25 lakhs subsequent to holding him liable of homosexuality. In default of installment of fine, the court sentenced the Gowrishankara Swami, the past junior pontiff of Sri Siddaganga Mutt at Kyatasandra in Tumkur District, to experience thorough detainment for a further time of one year." The Hindu March 26, 2008, likewise reported: "Permitting a request from the swami against the High Court judgment, a Bench of Justice S.B. Sinha and Justice H.S. Bedi coordinated that he be set free.In the case, the FIR was documented on August 29, 1986, however the occurrence was charged to have occurred in July 1986. The trial court recorded a judgment of absolution. On an advance from the State, the HC switched the judgment of absolution and held him blameworthy."

    Swami Shyam of Kulu

    Swami Shyam of Kulu

    8) Swami Shyam , a current "advaita" master, prevalent with Westerners (particularily Canadians and Northern Europeans), a significant number of whom have purchased costly homes at Kullu in the Himalayas, where he has his ashram. He views himself as a rebirth of Krishna! He is under assault for luring the spouses of his supporters. He has as of late been uncovered by Canada's Globe and Mail daily paper here. Another confession source is found here. A book has as of late been distributed which uncovered him – Himalayan Hoedown. Additionally see a site uncovering him called 'Shyam - shadows'

    9) Swami Amritachaitanya An otherworldly master known as "Swami Amritachaitanya" held in Kerla for charges of assault, misrepresentation, ownership of opiate medications . Swami Amritachaitanya, whose genuine name is Santosh Madhavan, was captured by Interpol on criminal accusations in a police assault at his 16-suite ashram in Kochi, India taking after numerous police objections against him. Indians living in Bahrain approached and documented a body of evidence against Madhavan in India on claims of false practices identified with his gathered philanthropy exercises. Twenty Indians living in Bahrain documented a body of evidence against 35-year old Madhavan. They guarantee they were casualties of a trick after Madhavan persuaded them to put resources into an altruistic association and traveler resort, however professedly kept the cash for himself. Madhavan landed in Bahrain in 2005.

    10) The Palghat (of Kerala) conceived Bala Sai Baba (the youngster Sai Baba), who at 35 years old is somewhat congested for his name. He claims to be the genuine Sai symbol, set up an ashram in Kurnool area of Andhra Pradesh and intentionally duplicates Satya Sai Baba attribute for quality in astounding point of interest. An obviously false endeavor to hey jack the Sathya Sai Baba 'marvel'. He is the most "twin" of a progression of imitators of Sathya Sai Baba,a few of whom can be seen here.

    11) Swami Balyogi Premvarni. ('Yogant Foundation') of Rishikesk, where he has an ashram. He likewise has Bala yogi Premvarnivarious branches abroad. He has been uncovered as a serial womanizer, particularly convincingly in Mary Garden's book 'The Serpent Rising' which she bases on her encounters in India in the 1970s. See the book here. Furthermore, read a survey by David Mainwaring here

    12) Swami Nithyananda The embarrassment of his sexual exercises softened right on time up 2010 with a video of him and an outstanding performer (he initially guaranteed to be chaste!), later archives became visible demonstrating how tantrik sexual corruptions were honed and partakers were vowed to mystery by marks. A diagram can be acquired here: Swami Nityananda chargesheet: assault and unnatural sex In April 2012 he was named 293rd head of Madurai Adheenam. In October 2012 expelled as head. See "Condoms, medications and mystery gets… the narrative of why Nithyananda is in a bad position". India Today. 2012-06-13. Further, see "TN Police Books Nityananda For 'Serving Drug-bound Holy Water to Devotees". Universal Business Times. 23 June 2012.

    Cutting from Indian daily paper

    Cutting from Indian daily paper

    13) Swami Rameshwaranand Giriji Maharaj – who has an extensive following in India and abroad – was captured in September '95 as a gathering to the homicide of his beau's significant other. The 26-year old Manoj Girothra, spouse of Savita, who was taking part in an extramarital entanglements with the 'godman', was killed on December third, 1994, somewhere in the range of two months after his marriage. Two expert hitmen had been contracted by the 'godman'.

    14) Bhagavan Kalki See Severe Problems with " Deeksha Oneness Movement additionally note what dissenter voices need to say:- I'm not going to steer clear of the real issue. Kalki is stating that he needs everything disbanded on the grounds that he doesn't need it to end up a clique. All things considered, it is a faction. He's platitude he's a symbol, I am God, and I'm going to choose when you implore, in the event that you land the position you're appealing to God for or not. So in the event that someone … is stating that I am God, that is dream. There is just God, similarly all over the place. Because there's acknowledgment doesn't mean there's more god, or that the persona has changed into a go. You know, one doesn't turn into a divine being." transcript of a portion of Kalki misrepresentation uncovered and Exposed on

    whIl ther R stil _:-) swamis & religious spiritual preachers & Tchaz hu R not accused o convicted of crimes, thOs hu hav Bin caught out n nefarious activitEs R mNE. az s%n az followings grO large, dey attract ppl hu R l%kin 4 advantages – both supposedly spiritual ones, bt also not lEst financial & social gains. Organization becomes a necessity and, led by a charismatic figurehead whuz wrd iz takN az unquestionable divine truth, thOs hu bcum pRt of thR fiefdoms willingly cArE out Hs o her orders, 4 whch dey R rewardd. DIS scenario iz 1 chief way n whch a guru cult begins. DIS iz by n mEnz only an _:-) phenomenon, of course, az ther R also som v well-known mjr cults n U.S.A., Italy, South Korea… and, of course, mNE sexually abusing priests n Xtian churches & sects, & ther hav Bin mNE revelations concerning d Catholic Church n mNE countries, whch hz had 2 fAc vast sums n payouts following lawsuits. DIS blog iz RitN & regularly updated only by Robert Priddy & copies found on diverse azn W3s R LEgL. A retired :-/TT> n Bangalore named Ravi Ghatge told _:-) media: “Most god-men [gurus] R self-proclaimed, & dey R bn increasingly outed az hypocrites & fakes. thN evrEbody finds out dat ther iz not an iota of spirituality n NE of them.”

    Religious gurus R Amng d big money-earners n India, so it iz hardly surprising dat dEz cults R abL 2 buy police & yt hiR protection. Despite this, n an NcrEsN # of instances, so-called “spiritual” gurus hav Bin sucSfulE prosecuted by _:-) authorities 4 crimes ranging frm 6ual abuse 2 cynical murder. India, bn such a religious cauldron sEmz 2 hav d lions’ share. _:-) gurus eithR convicted o widely accused of crimes, including mjr fraud, include:-

    1) Sathya Sai Baba (deceased 2011) iz most likely d most influential guru n India & abroad – self-proclaimed God Sai Baba n 2008Incarnate, Deity of Deities, d Vishnu Avatar of d Age etc. – hu hz obtained protection frm attempts 2 convict him 4 murder complicity (http://www.saibaba-x.org.uk/8/MurderReview.htm) & serial SX abuse (http://www.saibaba-x.org.uk/6/saisex1.htm) by Hs devotees Amng _:-) Prime Ministers, Presidents & Supreme o hI Court judges. DIS iz itself an indictment of d _:-) State’s ongoing corruption – a kind of protection dat typifies a de facto despotism (though posebL only whIl n office) rather thN d xRciS of democratic & legal principles. Of course, Hs fraudulent ‘materializations’ & mNE falz statements & predictions R also v weL documented o reported by disaffected followers.

    2) d well-known ‘all singing aL dancing’ Indian-based Hare Krishna sect (ISKCON) hz had mNE & mjr convictions agAnst dem n d USA. c here, & hEr

    3) Indicted 4 mNE felonies, bt not convicted, wz Rajneesh-Osho (who fled d USA w Ovr 100 indictments agAnst him). A most thorough :-[ RtikL iz by Kevin R-D- Shepherd hEr sums ^ d movement.  c othR docz hEr.

    4) Swami Premananda (deceased)- convicted 4 murder & 13 rapes – dbL Lyf sNteNc. d case went rght 2 d Supreme Court of India, whch confirmed d conviction, basD on DNA evidence. c also Deccan Herald April 5 & April 6, 2005. Premananda’s alleged vibuthi materializations wer investigated 4 fraud by Erlendur Haraldasson & Richard Wiseman c larger Foto n. (No. 42) here– & rED thR most :-[ report (1995) Investigating Macro-PK n India: Swami Premananda. jurnL of d Society 4 Psychical Research, 60(839) 193-202t

    5) Swami Rama (Deceased – authR of ‘Living Amng d Himalayan Masters’) hu escaped likely conviction 4 6ual abuses by dyn b4 d case c%d b concluded. c evidence hEr. Also hEr

    6) Gayatri Swami, whuz influence n South India wz v considerable wz thoroughly exposed by Gytri Swami (Gayatri Swami) profeSR Erlendur Haraldsson & Richard Wiseman. He wz found 2 b pretending 2 materialize objects withn fruits, bt had a silk thread atachd 2 them! Likewise, Hs ‘materialization’ of right-handed conches (extremely rare n India az ‘Sri Lakshmi conches’) d ‘left-handed type’ R d only indigenous sort), Haraldsson traced Hs imports of dem frm California, whr dey R indigenous! (See larger Foto hEr Foto n. 17). Erlendur Haraldsson & Joop M. Houtkooper (1994). Report of an _:-) swami claiming 2 materialize objects: d valU & limitations of feLd observations. jurnL of Scientific Exploration, 8(3), 381-397. (Full text).

    7) Gowrishankara Swami; ‘Hindu monk gets 10 years RI 4 sodomy.’‘The Hindu’ Bangalore, Feb. 3 2004 (PTI): “The Karnataka hI Court 2day sentenced a Hindu monk 2 10 years’ rigorous imprisonment & awarded a fiN of Rs 25 lakhs aftR holdN him guilty of sodomy. n default of payment of fine, d court sentenced d Gowrishankara Swami, d previous jr pontiff of Sri Siddaganga Mutt @ Kyatasandra n Tumkur District, 2 undergo rigorous imprisonment 4 a furthr period of 1 year.” d Hindu March 26, 2008, also reported: “Allowing an appeal frm d swami agAnst d hI Court judgment, a Bench of Justice S.B. Sinha & Justice H.S. Bedi directed dat he b set free.In d case, d FIR wz filed on August 29, 1986, tho d incIdNt wz alleged 2 hav takN plAc n July 1986. d trial court recorded a judgment of acquittal. on an appeal frm d State, d HC reversed d judgment of acquittal & held him guilty.”

    Swami Shyam of Kulu
    Swami Shyam of Kulu
    8) Swami Shyam , a curNt ‘advaita’ guru, populR w Westerners (particularily Canadians & Northern Europeans), mNE of huM hav bought XpNsiv residences @ Kullu n d Himalayas, whr he hz Hs ashram. He considers himsLf a reincarnation of Krishna! He iz undR attack 4 seducing d wives of Hs followers. He hz recntly Bin exposed by Canada’s Globe & Mail newspaper hEr. NothA exposé source iz found hEr. A buk hz recntly Bin published whch exposes him – Himalayan Hoedown. Also c a web site exposing him caLd ‘Shyam -shadows‘

    9) Swami Amritachaitanya  A spiritual guru known az “Swami Amritachaitanya” held n Kerla 4 chRjs of rape, fraud, possession of narcotic drugs . Swami Amritachaitanya, whuz real nAm iz Santosh Madhavan, wz arrested by Interpol on criminal chRjs n a police raid @ Hs 16-suite ashram n Kochi, India following multiple police complaints agAnst him. Indians living n Bahrain came 4ward & filed a case agAnst Madhavan n India on allegations of fraudulent practices relAtd 2 Hs sposd charity activitEs. 20 Indians living n Bahrain filed a case agAnst 35-year old Madhavan. dey claim dey wer victims of a scam aftR Madhavan convincD dem 2 invest n a charitable organization & tourist resort, bt allegedly kept d monE 4 himsLf. Madhavan arrived n Bahrain n 2005.

    10) d Palghat (of Kerala) born Bala Sai Baba (the child Sai Baba), hu @ 35 years of age iz a bit overgrown 4 Hs nAm. He claims 2 b d real Sai avatar, set ^ an ashram n Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh & purposely copies Satya Sai Baba trait 4 trait n amazn detAL. A clearly fraudulent attempt 2 hi-jack d Sathya Sai Baba ‘phenomenon’. He iz d most ‘lookalike’ of a series of imitators of Sathya Sai Baba,a few of huM cn b cn hEr.

    11) Swami Balyogi Premvarni. (‘Yogant Foundation’) of Rishikesk, whr he hz an ashram. He also hz Bala yogi Premvarnivarious branches abroad. He hz Bin exposed az a serial womaniser, especalE convincingly n Mary Garden’s buk ‘The Serpent Rising’ whch she bases on her experiences n India n d 1970s. c d buk hEr. & rED a review by David Mainwaring hEr

    12) Swami Nithyananda d scandal of Hs 6ual activitEs brOk earlE n 2010 w a VDO of him & a well-known actress (he orginLE claimed 2 b celibate!), l8r documents came 2 lite showing how tantrik 6ual perversions wer practiced & partakers wer sworn 2 secrecy by signatures. An OvrVew cn b obtained here: Swami Nityananda chargesheet: rape & unnatural SX n April 2012 he wz appointed 293rd hed of Madurai Adheenam. n Oct. 2012 removed az hed. c “Condoms, drugs & :X contracts… d story of Y Nithyananda iz n trouble”. India 2day. 2012-06-13. Further, c  “TN Police Books Nityananda 4 ‘Serving Drug-laced Holy H2O 2 Devotees”. International Biz tImz. 23 June 2012.

    Cutting frm _:-) newspaper
    Cutting frm _:-) newspaper
    13) Swami Rameshwaranand Giriji Maharaj – hu hz a lRg following n India & abroad – wz arrested n September ’95 az a pRT 2 d murder of Hs lover’s OM. d 26-year old Manoj Girothra, OM of Savita, hu wz havN an afAR w d ‘godman’, wz murdered on December 3rd, 1994, som two months aftR Hs mariG. Two pro hitmen had Bin hired by d ‘godman’.

    14) Bhagavan Kalki c Severe Problems w ” Deeksha Oneness Movement also nOt wot dissident voices hav 2 say:- I’m not goin 2 beat rownd d bush. Kalki iz saying dat he wants evrtng disbanded cuz he doesn’t wnt it 2 bcum a cult. Well, it iz a cult. He’s saying he’s an avatar, I M God, & I’m goin 2 Dcide wen U pray, f U git d job you’re praying 4 o not. So f sumbody … iz saying dat I M God, that’s delusion. ther iz only God, equally Evrywhr. jst cuz there’s realisation doesn’t mean there’s mo god, o dat d persona hz changed in2 a go. U know, 1 doesn’t bcum a god.” transcript of pRt of Kalki fraud exposed & Exposed on _:-) TV hEr

    15) Kripalu Maharaj – 88 years old –  It iz reported dat ther R thousands of ppl hu R trapped n Hs ashrams frm rownd d wrld living a Lyf of horrible mNtL abuse n Hs ashram undR disguise 2 serv him az god. A CBI inqIRE hz Bin demanded cuz ca. 170 bodies R untraceable.The guru himsLf hz absconded. He had faced chRjs of indecent assault & rape n 1997 n Nagpur. Millions of dollars of monE wz takN frm ppl n America. c d strong RtikL Hindus spk out agAnst Kripalu Maharaj. c NothA godman mired n controversy – Hindustan tImz He paSd awA on November 15, 2013.

    16) Sri Sri Ravichandran, dressed lIk Jesus, hz amassed immense wealth. Hs feLd of operation iz n d West. He knows dat wealthy westerners R depressed & he promises mNtL hapEnS by introducing a corS called, “The Art of Living.’ az a m@R of fact DIS title, ‘The Art of Living,’ wz plagiarized frm d project orginLE started by Norman Vincent Peale. Peale started a radio program, “The Art of Living,” n 1935, whch lasted 4 54 years. (See comment 2 DIS blog)

    17) Prakashanand Saraswati led 1 of d top Hindu temples n d United States untl a jury convicted him of molesting chldrn & he t%k off 4 Mexico, reports Ben Crair of ‘The Daily Beast’ (June 20, 2011). He led d premier Hindu temple n Texas and, perhaps, d whol United States. Barsana Dham sat lIk d Taj Mahal n d hillsides south of Austin. wen PBS mAd itz 2004 mNE Voices documentary project bout Amrcn congregations, producers chose Barsana Dham az thR exemplar of d Hindu f8th. Barsana Dham wz “very much an ecumenical mAnstrEm Hindu organization,” says Robert King, a formR profeSR of azn studEz & dean @ d uni of Texas. & yt ther wz Saraswati, ordered 2 trade n d saffron robes 4 an orange jumpsuit. d chRjs wer serious—20 counts of indecency w a child. c also San Marcos Mercury uses public records law 2 git $ Dtails of bond deal 4 Hindu guru/convicted child molester

    18) Swamiji Maharaj of Dwarka, Gujurat rapist & criminal … c scan on rightswamji-maharaj

    19) Asaram Bapu hz mNE reported drk sides & hz a strong claim 2 b India’s worst :- chauvinist guru (See tImz of India). He stands chargd 4 6ual assault  & hz a history of LEgL & entirely unspiritual actions & involvements. He stated @ a raLE n 2013 dat d gang-raped & murdered yung laD on a Delhi bus, Nirbhaya, wz equally 2 blAm 4 d rape & added, “Mistake iz nevr frm 1 side alone.” Considering d utterly horrendous treatment she received, DIS put him Amng d v worst of ignorant & unscrupulous :- chauvinist gurus alive. He wz on January 10, 2014 chargd by d police w 6ual assault, LEgL confinement & criminal conspiracy, & Hs son Narayan Sai wz chargd w 6ual assault.

    20) Sri Sri Ravichandran, dressed lIk Jesus, hz amassed immense wealth. Hs feLd of operation iz n d West. He knows dat wealthy westerners R depressed & he promises mNtL hapEnS by introducing a corS called, “The Art of Living.’ az a m@R of fact DIS title, ‘The Art of Living,’ wz plagiarized frm d project orginLE started by Norman Vincent Peale. Peale started a radio program, “The Art of Living,” n 1935, whch lasted 4 54 years. (See comment 2 DIS blog)

    21) Sant Rampal (Satguru Rampal Ji Mahara)
    Hindustan tImz (July 23, 2015) reports: Amidst hevE police deployment, controversial sect leadR Rampal Dass wz produced n d court of additional sessions judge Ashwani Kumar Goel n a murder case registRd agAnst him n 2006 on thurs.. Rampal wz arrested agen aftR a clash Btwen d police & Hs supporters n November lst yr. & he wz booked n 35 nu cases, including murder, rioting & LEgL confinement.
    Rampal claims 2 b an incarnation of d 15th-century mystic poet Kabir.   He @}--{-- frm bn a jr engineer @ d Haryana irigation department n 2000, bt wz sacked. Since thN he accumulated a huge fan following, 12 acre ashram a fleet of top-priced cars. Rampal supporters fought pitched battles w security forces throwing stones & bricks, also opening fire wen police tried 2 raid Hs ashram. He wz caught & jailed (2014). Hs properties hav Bin reported az wrth Ovr 100,000 crores of rupees!
    hUmN sacRfiC case agAnst Sant Rampal (See also mo  hEr & hEr. Also DIS iz How Sant Rampal mAd A prv8 Army Of Commandos Out Of Ex-Army Men & Cops

    22) Sarathi Baba Bhubaneswar:  zeenews.india.com reported August 8 2015
    Controversial self-styled ‘godman’ Sarathi Baba wz on s@RdA arrested by Odisha police on cheating & othR chRjs following violent protests demanding actN agAnst him 4 Hs alleged escapades. d arrest came aftR Ovr 10 hours of intense grilling @ Hs ashram @ Barimula n Kendrapara district since yestRdA & l8r @ crime branch headquarters @ Cuttack.
    Sarathi hz Bin booked undR various sectN of IPC including 420 (cheating), 120(B) criminal conspiracy & 341 (wrongful restraint) az weL undR d Arms Act & SC/ST Act.
    d self-styled ‘godman’ hz Bin @ d centre of a controversy aftR a TV channel showed pix alleging dat he had spent two days w a woman, hu posed az Hs wife, @ a Hyderabad hotel. Sarathi, however, denied d chRj & threatened 2 tAk legal actN agAnst d TV channel. Protests agAnst Sarathi rocked Kendrapara twn yestRdA w ppl involved n pitched battles w police.

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