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    Friday, September 9, 2016

    Indian UFO Base in Aksai Chin

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    Kongka La iz d low ridge paS n d Himalayas (the blu oval n d map). It iz n d disputed India-China border area n Ladakh. n d map d red zOn iz d disputed area stil undR <|-) contRL n d Aksai Chin area. d <|-) held northeastern pRt iz known az Aksai Chin & _:-) South West iz known az Ladakh. DIS wz whr _:-) & <|-) army fought mjr wR n 1962. d area iz 1 of d lEst accessed area n d wrld & by agrEmnt d two countries do not patrol dat pRt of d border. accordN 2 mNE tourists, Buddhist monks & d local ppl of Ladakh, _:-) Army & <|-) Military maintain d line of contRL. bt ther iz somTIN much mo Cres hapNn n DIS area.

    accordN 2 d few locals ppl on d _:-) & <|-) side, DIS iz whr d UFOs R cn comin out of d ground, accordN 2 many, d UFO underground bases R n DIS region & both d _:-) & <|-) Government knO DIS v weL.

    Recently, som Hindu pilgrims on thR way 2 Mount Kailash frm d Western pass, came ax straNg lyts n d sky. d local guides whIl n d <|-) territory told dem dat DIS wz Nuttin nu & iz a normL phenomenon frm Kongka paS area d tensed border Btwen India & China. DIS straNg lighted triangular silNt crafts shO ^ frm underground & muvs almost vertically ^. som of d adventurous pilgrims wntd 2 L%k in2 d site. dey wer 1st turnD by d <|-) guard posts az dey wer refused entry frm d <|-) side & thN wen dey tried 2 approach d site frm _:-) side, d _:-) border patrol also turnD dem dwn n spite of thR permit 2 travL Btwen d two countries.

    d pilgrims @ dat stage started quizzing d _:-) border petrol personnel. accordN 2 them, d security personnel told dem dat dey R ordered not 2 aLow NE 1 near d area of intRSt & it iz true dat straNg objects cum out frm undR d ground w amplified & modulated lyts. India’s specL Forces & posebL vzit d area by intell agencies.

    d locals stRt :-d n dat area wen dey R askd bout dEz UFO sightings. accordN 2 dem d extra-terrestrial presence iz weL known & iz n dEp in2 d ground. dey BlEv nIthR d _:-) o <|-) Governments wnt 2 expose d fact 4 som rEsN. wen dey brng ^ thus m@R 2 local Governments, dey R told 2 kEp shhh. DIS iz d region whr d Euresian plate & d _:-) plate hav creatD convergent plate boundaries. Convergent plate boundaries R formed whr 1 plate dives undR NothA. Thus DIS iz 1 of d v few areas n d wrld whr d depth of d crust 2ice az much az n othR places. d oposit iz found n hot spots lIk yeLo stOn National Park n America whr d earth’s crust n thin.

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