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    Wednesday, September 21, 2016

    Don’t want my documentary to release in India: Sunny

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    Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is against d release of d upcoming documentary on her life, “Mostly Sunny” in India, as she feels it does not do justice 2 her story. “Mostly Sunny” charts d life of Leone, born Karenjit Kaur Vohra in Sarnia, Ontario, from her childhood in a conservative Sikh family 2 her shift 2 Los Angeles, her emergence as one of d biggest adult movie stars in d world & her subsequent mainstream movie career breakthrough in Bollywood. Leone sed she doesn’t want d documentary 2 release in India as it is less of a film on her life & more of “somebody else’s opinion”. “I hope it doesn’t come 2 India. cos that’s not d story that is mine. This is somebody else’s opinion, somebody else’s vision. no1 has a rite 2 tell ur life story except for u,” Leone told PTI in an exclusive interview. “Its not a biopic made on my life where u cn manipulate & say wot u want. It is not like ur appealing 2 cinematic liberty. This is somebody’s life. This is my life, I take it vri personally,” she added. d Dilip Mehta directed documentary recently premiered at d Toronto International Film Festival, which Leone didn’t attend citing a family function. Mehta sed he was surprised that Leone developed cold feet b4 d Toronto premiere & sed d actress wanted certain changes in d documentary. wen asked about this, Leone sed, “It’s rly simple, at d end of d day, its my personal story. I surrendered 2 his vision but wen it got 2 my story, how it looks & d story that is actually told… In my view no1 in this entire world has d rite 2 say how my life should b told.” “im d one telling d story, it is my life. There were certain things I didn’t like & I wanted it (d documentary) 2 b for many ppl 2 watch, not just one age group. I don’t c my story as a sob story, where sumthin went wrong. That’s not my story,” d actress sed. Leone, opening up about her problems with d documentary, sed she didn’t want a film that wood disgust ppl. “There r so many different things, I don’t even kno where 2 begins. From my eyes, this is a project I wanted 2 watch sitting with my family & f?. “If a young woman was looking for encouragement. I wanted that young woman 2 b able 2 watch it w/o going squeamish… There is so much material in there which was not needed, or that was shown. Now u’re trying 2 show it 2 ppl.” d 35-year-old actress sed she was honest in d documentary but its first edit, after almost “18 months & 22,000 hours of raw footage”, left her “extremely disappointed.” d actress sed she had 2 attend d family function but anyway if d makers were not willing 2 show her d documentary thn y should she go. “I had a family affair, which is absolutely true… They didn’t even wan2 show me a cut of my film. I believe at d end of d day I hv a rite 2 watch wot is gonna b shown at TIFF. If d producer or d director is not showing me my own life story documentary thn y should I go? “At d end, wen they finally sent me d final edit, I wasn’t rly interested in watching it again cos I had watched it five times. They told us point blank that none of d changes we requested them 2 make, on my life, my story, they were ignored. ” Meanwhile, “Mostly Sunny,” is slated for worldwide release in December this year & wl hv its Asian premiere at Mumbai’s MAMI Film Festival in October.

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