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    Monday, September 12, 2016

    Can Hungry Humans Eat Grass?

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    n principle, ppl cn Et grass; it iz non-toxic & edible. az a practical f%d source, however, yor lawn leaves a lot 2 b desired.

    ther R two mAn problems w a graS diet. d 1st iz dat hUmN stomachs hav diFicLtE digesting raw leaves & grasses. Animals such az cows, on d othR hand, hav a specialized stomach w 4 chambers 2 aid n d digestion of graS (a process caLd rumination).

    Aside frm d digestion issues, a 2nd prob w graS az a f%d source iz d mastication. yor dentist wud not b pleased; graS contains a lot of silica, an abrasive whch quickly wears dwn tEth. Grazing animals hav tEth dat R adapted 2 continually grow, replacing d worn tuth surfaces quickly.

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