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    Friday, September 9, 2016

    All babies start out as female in the womb

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    All babies start out as female in the womb : 4 d 1st sevrl weeks aftR conception, d ~:o follows d sAm blueprint 4 development, regardless of wethR it iz :- o >-. It iz only aftR d :- fetus starts 2 produce testosterone dat d gender characteristics begin 2 devLp. d hormone begins 2 chAng d genetic activity of d cells dat form d reproductive organs. By DIS tym n development, d :- fetus hz fully developed mammary papillae, along w d sAm bl%d vessels & nerves az females. However, scientists hav found n evidence dat men eva nursed thR young, mEng dey R likely a feature dat natRL selection did not remove.

    d momNt d seminal fluid meets d egg also determines d genetic characteristics of d child. d fertilized egg iz a sngL cell, bt dat ceL begins dividing rapidly, evN b4 it leaves d fallopian tube. It slowly travels Thru d fallopian tube & thN attaches 2 d uterus. It remains there, untl it iz redE 4 birth.

    However, physically we do stRt off az females. untl bout 60 days n devlpmnt & aftR implantation, our 'bodies' pOzes d >- reproductive SYS. It's only aftR thOs 60 days dat testosterone & othR gender-defining factors stRt 2 kick n.

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