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    Saturday, September 10, 2016

    12yr old girl cries crystals: Investigation

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    a 3:o) wz makin hard glaS crystals, sharp Enuf 2 cut paper, apEr frm her eyes 7 tImz a dA w/o NE apparent injury 2 herself - it had 2 b som kind of miracle. d 12-year-old Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani bcame d centre of ATTN. Religious authorities & scientists sought answers 2 d riddle.

    d Ans s%n came: it wz 'fraud', & d 3:o) had admitted it, @ lEst dat iz how d story wz reported. mNE ppl wer ^set & disappointed, others, less inclined 2 BlEv n inexplicable 'miracles', wer relieved. Lebanon & othR @:-) countries declared d fIL closD & silence descended on d story of Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani. & yt certan questions remAnd unanswered. 4 instance, questions bout d natuR of d so-called fraud. How did Hasnah manage 2 puL d whol tng off w crystals comin out of her eyes n full vu of TV cameras? f d TV pix wer authentic & NEthing 2 go by, thN fraud wud sEm 2 b out of d question: d girl's eye wz filmed n close-up & showed pieces of glaS slowly pushing out of her eyes az f comin frm d retina. c%d she hav 1st hidden dem n her eye herself? o wz it jst illusion dat d glaS fragments wer cn comin out Thru d retina? & had Hasnah mastered d trick of kEpn dem hidden n d corners of her eyes? & n both cases: how c%d she do it w/o sustaining NE injuries w crystals shown 2 b sharp Enuf 2 cut paper, az also witnessed by d TV cameras?

    4 Share International DIS wz Enuf 2 encourage furthr investigation in2 d case, especalE since Benjamin Creme's mstr indicated dat DIS wz indeed yt NothA of Maitreya's mNE "signs".

    n Hs 1st rply d mstr added 2 d mystery w DIS puzzling piece of information: Yes, it wz fraud bt stil a miracle, He sed ambiguously. askd 4 an explanation He added: it wz fraud n dat it only appeared dat crystals wer comin Thru Hasnah's retina whereas n fact dey wer tErs whch Maitreya transformed in2 crystals @ d instNt dey L d tear duct. & dat wz d real miracle.

    Armed w DIS info our colleague n Lebanon, Nabil Matraji, got n tuch w Hasnah & her famLe. He wz welcomed n a friendly & hospitable bt also somwot reserved maNR by Hasnah's fathR. d publicity surrounding Hs dAutr & d :-Q of fraud had put him on Hs guard - @ lEst dat wz Nabil's impression. Until, dat is, Nabil told him dat he belonged 2 a grup of ppl hu continuD 2 BlEv dat Hasnah had not perpetrated fraud & that, on d contrary, it wz a real miracle & dat she had Bin contacted by a "messenger frm God".

    "Hasnah's fathR changed @ a stroke. Excitedly he sed dat dat wz exactly wot Hasnah herself had sed. He wz jst :-O dat I t% knew this, cuz d famLe had tried 2 kEp it quiet," Nabil says.

    wen Hasnah came om frm skul a few hours l8r Nabil askd her 2 descriB d prsn huM she had cn n her dream. "The 3:o) bcame Grr w her father, thinking he had betrayed her :X 2 me. Only wen he had convincD Hs dAutr dat he had not sed a wrd bout her vision did she calm dwn & begin 2 teL me her story."

    It aL Bgan n March 1996. She wz @ skul wen she felt somTIN straNg n her L eye - her 1st piece of crystal, which, understandably, troubled her. bak home, she told her famLe wot had hapnd and, whIl she wz doin so, a 2nd piece of crystal appeared n her eye. Her fathR t%k her 2 d ciT of Chtaura 2 c Dr Araji, an ophthalmologist. She stayed n Hs clinic 4 two weeks, & d crystals kept flowing out of her eye. Dr Araji certified dat d pieces wer real crystals & sed he had n scientific explanation of d phenomenon. It c%d only b understood, he thought, az an act of God.

    A few days later, Hasnah wz told d sAm tng n NothA straNg evnt.

    "One night," she told Nabil, "I wz stil awake wen I hErd SOME1 tapping @ d window. I got up, walked 2 d window & ther I saw a mang dressed n white. He wz sitN on a white horse, he smiled @ me & caLd me by nAm. He askd me f I wud go outside 2 TLK 2 him."

    Hasnah went out Thru d frnt dor. ther st%d d 'white knight', az she calz him, w8N 4 her. He wz dressed frm hed 2 f%t n a white tunic, whch also covered Hs hed & fAc. 'The white knight' sed she needn't b Afrd & he introduced himsLf 2 Hasnah az a 'messenger frm God'. A QSO developed Btwen dem bout whch Hasnah revealed n furthr details, apart frm d fact dat d white knight led her 2 undRstNd dat it wz he hu had Bin Bhind d crystal tears, & dat aL went accordN 2 God's wiL. ther wz a witness 2 d conversation: Hasnah's ltl bro had foLowD her outside, hErd Hs sis speaking, bt failed 2 c hu she wz talkin 2.

    'The white knight' visited her a few tImz agen & gave her advice & various warnings. wen Hasnah askd wen d tErs wud stop d Ans was: "When God wills."

    A fascinating aside: durN 1 of her meetings w d white knight he advised Hasnah dat her whol famLe shud Leav thR om temporarily cuz somTIN unpleasant wz bout 2 hpn. d famLe foLowD d advice - aL Xcpt 1 son. d following dA he wz involved n a TraFK accident, & although Hs car wz a write-off, Hasnah's bro escaped w/o a scratch. d sAm evNg she met d white knight yt agen. He asked: "Didn't I sA dat aL of U shud Leav d house?"

    Nabil Matraji responded 2 dEz confidences by tellin dem Hs insights in2 d real cRcumstNcs. "I told dem bout Maitreya, az d wrld Teacher, d Christ & Mahdi whch caused much excitement. 3 hours l8r dey wer stil asking me questions, bout religion, bout d era 2 cum. wot I sed wz an enormous relief 2 dem since dey had not rly undRstD aL dat had hapnd 2 Hasnah. thR reaction: 'This must b mAd known everywhere, since DIS iz d nu hOp 4 mankind.' "

    @ dat stage of d QSO Nabil also learnt bout d bkgrnd 2 d allegations of fraud n d story.

    @ a certan point az evnts unfolded, Hasnah's fathR tried NothA ophthalmologist: Dr Salamoun n d Amrcn uni Hospital n Beirut. whIl she wz undR observation, mo crystals oozed out of her eye. d story bcame public: TV stations, magazines & newspapers flocked 2 d hows of d Meselmani famLe 2 MEt d 3:o) w d crystal tErs.

    Xperts frm Saudi Arabia t%k d materL 2 thR laboratories & certified dey wer real crystals. d NXT step wz dat Saudi Arabian authorities indicated dat dey preferred d story 2 b hushed ^. "Hasnah's fathR told me dat a lot presuR wz put on him 2 kEp shhh bout it all," Nabil says. "They evN offered him $50,000."

    d offer wz t% tempting: d Meselmani famLe iz NEthing bt wealthy, & d fathR decided 2 akcpt d monE. He did so n frnt of TV cameras, & it wz DIS pictuR dat convincD d public dat it had Bin a huge fraud aftR all: d whol incIdNt wz obviously aL bout monE & d fathR had manipulated d crystals in2 Hs daughter's eye. nw he wouldn't tink twice, he says: "If d crystals apEr agen thN I wiL lt d case b re-opened. God's wiL must b done."

    evN aftR 5 hours of talking, reports Nabil, d famLe stil did not wnt 2 lt him go, so spellbound dey wer by Hs insight in2 d evnt. "Can't U stA d night? thN we wiL invite fRnds & we cn continu our discussion tl dawn."

    w d promise 2 RT s%n 4 a 2nd visit, Nabil finalE t%k Hs Leav only 2 b telephoned shortly aftR dat by Hasnah's Xited father: both Hs dAutr & he had cn Maitreya n a dream. How did dey knO it wz Maitreya? Nabil had shown d famLe d photographs of Maitreya's appearance n Nairobi, & it wz n dat form Maitreya appeared n thR dreams. Maitreya, Mr Meselmani remembered, had spOkn 2 him @ length, bt he c%d recall Nuttin of wot had Bin sed.

    Hasnah, on d othR hand, did remMbR som of d wrds d 'white knight' spoke 2 her n her dream. He kissed her on d forehead & said: "I wiL alwys b w you, evN wen U don't c me."

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